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Welcome to the Sports Marketing Network

Helping providers of community sport and physical activity to become more vibrant, visible and viable


What we do


Sports Marketing Network is a unique organisation where physical activity and community sports providers can share best practice on how to become vibrant, visible and viable and develop innovative and enterprising enterprises.
We have been described as positive disruptors and we have worked with a wide range of sport, physical activity and community organisations helping them to adapt, change and become better equipped to the changing landscape.

More than 4000 community sports providers from across the have participated in one of our Grow Your Club workshops, benefitted from 1:2:1 consultancy and mentoring, attended one of our conferences, participated in one of our webinars or read one of our Guides, so we have developed an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and challenges for the enterprise and innovation aspects of community sport and physical activity.

Thousands of people involved with community sport and physical activity across the UK and Scandinavia have participated in one of our ‘hot topics’ conferences covering issues such as Innovation and Enterprise in Community Sport, More Disabled People into Sport, More Girls into Sport and A Healthier Nation through Sport and Physical Activity, to name a few….

Our services


Membership of Grow Sport+ gives you unique access to the most comprehensive one-stop source for enterprising people involved with community sport and physical activity


Our Grow Your Club workshops for volunteers and Business Savvy Sports Development and The Enterprising Coach workshops for sports professionals have been attended by 4,000 volunteers and professionals across England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark and Scotland.



SMN’s suite of conferences is renowned for being highly topical and focused on sharing best practice. They enable delegates to learn and exchange ideas on how they can develop and improve the way they run community sport and physical activity.



Grow Your Club Guides

The first six guides are focusing on Grow Your Club Packed with inspiring case-stories and easy-to-use templates and tools readers will have access to best practice from across community sport on how to develop more vibrant, visible and viable clubs, attract more people to your clubs, generate more income and welcome more volunteers.


Every month members of Grow Sport + will have the opportunity of attending webinar, a live meeting taking place over the web. Each webinar will focus on hot topics within community sport and physical activity and how to find innovative and enterprising solutions.




Projects and Partnerships

SMN partner with a wide range of major sports, community and leisure organisations across the UK and Scandinavia. Partnership projects include conferences, study tours, training and support and inspiration.  Each partner is different and each project is different and we adapt and develop bespoke services.

Latest news

The role of sport and physical activity conference

The challenges facing community sport and physical activity in Scotland... The role of sport and physical activity is changing across the world as well as in the UK and Scotland. At the same time, with changing lifestyles and demographics, broader remits...


#MoreThanAHandballClub  Thriving handball clubs a cross England    England Handball launch bespoke enterprise mentoring and support programme for handball clubs in England Sports Marketing Network to help English handball clubs to become vibrant, visible and...

Community Sports Enterprise: what’s it all about?

Let's start with having a look at social enterprises: According to the Social Enterprise Coalition, "social enterprises are business organisations that trade with a social purpose". They are enterprises which are developed and constituted to fulfil a...

The Activity Grower Academy

The Activity Grower Academy Innovative training and support to get more people active All across the country, we are all wanting to more people physically active. To be successful it will require a more innovative and enterprising approach than is currently observed...

Are you wise²

Are you wise²  Welcoming, Innovative, Community-focused, Engaging and Enterprising   Through Sports Marketing Network’s work and contacts with literally hundreds and hundreds of sports providers from across all sports and different types of...

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