6 Webinars with Guides

6 Webinars with Guides

which can help grow your community sports club

Learn from best practice and ideas from community sports clubs across the UK and Scandinavia –

brought directly to your computer

SMN’s renowned Grow Your Club workshops have been attended by representatives from more than 4000 community sports club across England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark and Scotland.

Packed with inspiring case-stories and easy-to-use templates and tools readers will have access to best practice from across community sport on how to develop more vibrant, visible and viable clubs, attract more people to your clubs, generate more income and welcome more volunteers.

Webinar Modules and live Schedule

All this information is brought to you in a way which we are sure will help spur you into action

Each module includes a 30-minute webinar (online training seminar) and a 12-page guide which we will email to you. Even if you cannot attend the webinar we will send the video to you so you can view in your own time – supported by the guide. You are also invited to submit email questions to Svend Elkjaer, the presenter.

(Even if you do not regard yourself as a computer whizkid, it is really simple to join and participate in these webinars).
To attend individual webinars and receive each guide costs just £15.00 and when you book onto all six sessions you get one FREE and pay only £60.00.

If you cannot attend the webinar we will send the video to you so you can view in your own time – supported by the guide.

You are also invited to submit email questions to Svend Elkjaer, the presenter.

Each webinar will be held at 10.00 am on the first Saturday of the month commencing 3rd March

Using webinars to help community sport and physical activity providers to grow

Webinars are a great way to interact with a large number of people at one time, focusing on specific topics. They can also be recorded and shared with people who didn’t attend the original webinar

SMN are working with various partners,
where we deliver 30-45 minute webinars on specific topics for sports clubs and activity growers.

New series: How to become an Activity Grower and help inactive people become physically active

Five 45 minute webinars (online seminars) – practical, innovative and interactive

First two sessions at 7pm on 14th and 15th November

Book for all five sessions at £30 or just for one for £10

Tools, action-plans and videos – you can use, there and then
Inactive people want to enjoy themselves, have fun, improve their skills and be part of a welcoming social and sporting experience. Yes, if possible, they want to develop their skills, but they want to do so in an engaging way.
So, we need to find, support and motoivate those ‘activators/hosts’ who get inactive people into regular activity: We call them Activity Growers.

An Activity Grower is a person who removes the barriers inactive people experience when wanting to become more active and then focus on keeping them motivated, engaged and active

These five 45 minute webinars provide participants with an introduction to the thoughts, tools and to-dos on how to get inactive people more active.

These webinars will provide participants with literally dozens of proven ways you can help inactive people become physically active.

Just exciting, positive and proven action points drawn from best practice from enterprising providers of physical activity, at all levels.
You can participate in one, two or all the webinars. If you register for one, but cannot attend it, we will send you the 30 minute video which forms a key part of the webinar and all the supporting information.

For more information, click here
and to book onto the Activity Grower webinars click here

Grow Your Club’s Income is the next webinar that we are delivering as part of our work for as part of their ClubWorks programme.

The webinar runs at 9.30am on
Saturday 11th November 2017

Making it happen at your cricket club is the next webinar that we are running on

The webinar runs at 11.00 am on
Saturday 26th November 2017

If you want to learn more about our work and indeed your webinars, then get in touch on 01423326660 or email svend@smnuk.com