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Create some really great moments in 2018



“Most people will forget what you tell them, but they will never forget how you make them feel”

Most of us do the same things most of the time. Although we work hard, whether we are employed or volunteer, we tend to get into a routine. Which can be very boring, and we run the risk of becoming boring ourselves. That then shows in our approach to the people around us, who can tell that we are too busy organising next month’s rota or finishing that spreadsheet to show that we really care.

Think outside the box, break away from the daily routine and get inspired to develop and deliver great moments

Great moments can be created,and you can be the leader who inspires your colleagues to deliver those great moments, that is, if you want to?

Also, remember, what represents a ‘great moment’ will vary from person to person – whether you are trying to excite a fit, talented 19-year old with sporting ambitions or an overweight, 36-year old returner, what they perceive as being a great moment will vary considerably

The daily stress of running the club, trust or leisure centre often makes it difficult to find the time and space to create these moments for your colleagues, members or customers which make them feel special. Those moments they want to talk about, share with their social networks, which all will help raise your profile in the community.

Focus on the people you serve and make them feel special – celebrate their tiniest successes

Do something surprising

How many of our coaches and instructors consider whether they are creating great moments for people in their classes? Are they just going through the motions (pardon the pun!) of running their classes or do they demonstrate that they care about the people in front of them?
                                                                                                                                                       …Send people a birthday card

Give them a ‘well done’

This is so simple, doesn’t cost a penny and will set your place apart

Great moments create a great place. Great places grow.

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