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Grow Your Club – the guide

The indispensable guide on how you can make your club a welcoming hub for your community


Thoughts, tools and to-dos you can use – here and now!

Based on Sports Marketing Network’s work with 4000 community sports clubs across the UK and Denmark this 52-page guide covers how community clubs can develop the enterprise culture and skills required and how to get the vision right and a clear vision of what their club is for. It will help clubs become vibrant through the activities and events the club creates, visible through its communication with members, volunteers, partners and the world at large thus creating a viable club.

It all starts with helping readers to understand how vital it is to develop a welcoming and enterprising culture.

It then focuses on how clubs can become business-savvy and build and maintain positive relationships with new and existing partners. You will also be given the basic tools to promote your club and attract new members by using innovative ways of engaging with your customers and your community.

You will learn how to run your club effectively and efficiently and how to develop new ways of working in order to generate new income streams.

Buzzing with all these ideas you will then learn how to attract and retain skilled and passionate volunteers who can help the club implement them.

No boring theory – just inspiring and proven thoughts, tools and to-dos you can use here and now!

Sports Marketing Network believes passionately that we need community sports clubs to prosper. They must become places where people will want to play and exercise and become engaged. They should generally become hubs for their communities, in short. become places ‘which play a part of people’s lives’.

This guide is designed to help you to achieve that, so apply and enjoy !

Here are some of headlines and checklists from the manual:

The Sports Club as a Community Sports Enterprise – the eight key strands
To be really successful, a club must focus on eight key strands and treat them with equal importance:

1. Vision and strategy – what are you for?
2. Develop strong leadership and management
3. Provide great sporting and consumer experiences
4. Be for the community

5. Be welcoming and vibrant
6. Engage and communicate better internally and externally
7. Generate income
8. Getting things done through people

How to overcome complacency and introduce real urgency

How to become #MoreThanAClub
A real Community Sports Club literally sits in the middle of its community and it can, and should. play a vital role for its community. This can help the club:

1. Build a more active, inclusive and healthier community
2. Improve educational standards in your community
3. Create a safer and more cohesive community
4. Bring together community groups, institutions and associations

Welcoming clubs have more members and make more money
Listen to people’s lives and adapt what you do, accordingly.

How to run a great Open Day at your sports club
Some key points to consider:

1. Think it through – why are you doing it?
2. People, people, people
3. Who is it for?
4. Make sure a great time is had by all
5. Share value with the community
6. Members ‘spread the word’ – offline/online

7. Welcome everybody
8. Be more than ‘just sports club’
9. Joint promotions with local media
10. Have a friendly point of contact
11. Use social media share the experience
12. Follow up, follow up

Enterprise and Innovation has to play centre stage at your club’s income generation

From Membership Secretary to Club Grower

The eight Rs which will help grow your club – Rejuvenate, Recruitment, Retention, Renewals, Relationships, Resources, Research, Revenue

How innovative events engage with the community and generate income

Would you, honestly and genuinely, recommend your club as a warm and professional place to volunteer? If not, why not

Introducing The Ten Ts for volunteer management

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