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Growing community sport and physical activity in Australia

Sports Marketing Network provides thoughts, tools and to-dos on how to create vibrant, visible and viable community spaces

Sports Marketing Network is a unique organisation, based in UK, and we help physical activity and community sports providers to share best practice on how to become vibrant, visible and viable and develop innovative and enterprising enterprises.

We have been described as positive disruptors and we have worked with a wide range of sport, physical activity and community organisations helping them to adapt, change and become better equipped to the changing landscape.

More than 4000 community sports providers from across the UK and Scandinavia have participated in one of our Grow Your Club workshops, benefitted from 1:2:1 consultancy and mentoring, attended one of our conferences, participated in one of our webinars or read one of our Guides, so we have developed an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and challenges for the enterprise and innovation aspects of community sport and physical activity. SMN has also advised, consulted and trained a number of organisations and public bodies including the Rugby Football Union, Football Association of England, Cricket Scotland, Amateur Swimming Association, Copenhagen City Council, York University, British Gymnastics, Sport Wales, Football Association Wales, Icelandic Sports Association, England Golf, England Athletics, sportscotland, etc.
Thousands of people involved with community sport and physical activity across the UK and Scandinavia have participated in one of our ‘hot topics’ conferences covering issues such as Innovation and Enterprise in Community Sport, More Disabled People into Sport, More Girls into Sport and A Healthier Nation through Sport and Physical Activity, to name a few….

I will be coming to Australia in July 2020 and I would like to start a dialogue about helping your sports body to develop and deliver an enterprise and innovation programme and grow community sport and physical activity in Australia, in a sustainable way.

We provide blended learning through workshops, webinars, guides, e-newsletters with case-studies, tools and action plans and remote mentoring.

Our Grow Your Club programme comprises six strands:

  • More players and people at your club
  • Attracting and retaining skilled and passionate volunteers
  • Growing your club’s income
  • Raising your club’s profile in the community
  • How your club can become a hub for your community
  • Developing the leadership and management of your club


Our #MoreThanSport Academy programme includes four elements:

  • Welcoming environments and coaches
  • The coach in the community
  • How to develop your own sports enterprise
  • Developing sustainable Sport for Change

We have produced a 20-minute video which explains our thinking, work and methods and you can watch the video here 

If you are interested in discussing how we could work together then please get in touch.

Svend Elkjaer, 0044 1423 326 660, skypre sportsmarketingmetwork or email  svend@smnuk.com


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