A healthier Scotland through sport and physical activity


A one-day conference on how we can develop community sport and physical activity for everybody, all through life, and make a contribution to a healthier society

12th September 2017, Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling


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Upshot is an online management system developed in 2012 by the Football Foundation, the UK’s largest sports charity.

It was built to help the hundreds of organisations it funds to manage, monitor and evidence their sports projects, and designed with a high degree of flexibility to provide value to a variety of organisations.

Upshot has been so well received that it is now being used by over 650 different organisations, including NGBs, Sport Foundations, County Sports Partnerships, universities and Sport for Development organisations

What is VX? ‘the best sport you’ve never heard of’ according to the BBC World Service:
• a low-cost sport that ticks all your boxes
• a mixed and inclusive sport that is accessible to the disabled
• a sport that increases participation and gets non-sporty people involved
• a sport you can play from scratch in 10 minutes

Only 11 years old, VX is probably the fastest-growing sport in the world. It has a massive impact in schools across the UK and has a foothold in 26 countries. Played as a team, singles or doubles it has an impact like nothing you’ve ever seen!

VX emphasises honesty and integrity in sport and is making inroads everywhere from schools to the armed forces. Played recreationally by some or up to the highest international level by others it has something for everyone – most clubs have a family unit playing.

It is widely accepted that sport and physical activity can have a positive impact in a number of areas on our physical and mental health, and importantly, on preventing health problems. 

Physical activity can help reduce obesity, help people to socialise, engages us in the local community, help health bodies to communicate with hard-to-reach groups and can help improve mental wellbeing, to name just a few.

The Government recognises that regardless of age, income, educational level, social group or where people live a physically active life can give us great physical and mental benefits.

Despite these obvious benefits, it seems that community sport organisations and physical activity providers and the health sector do not always work together. Often they operate in separate silos, use their own jargon, measure success in different ways and generally do not create the synergy which could improve results in so many ways and optimise the outcome.

At the same time, there are a number of case-studies where local authorities, patient organisations, healthcare professional and research bodies, NHS healthcare providers, sports organisations, community groups, GP practices, workplaces and physical activity providers have developed and delivered innovative and efficient initiatives by creating shared values, through dialogue and engagement.

This conference is not about policies and strategies. It focuses on best practice and provides thoughts, tools and to-dos. Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learnt, ideas and experiences to be shared on how to create a healthier Scotland by getting more people, more active, more often.