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Successful leadership and management of the modern community sports club require delivery against sporting and social objectives while ensuring the financial sustainability of the organisation. Leaders and managers need a distinct set of skills to thrive in this context where clubs are operating in a competitive and changing environment.

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6 Webinars with Guides

6 Webinars with Guides which can help grow your community sports club Learn from best practice and ideas from community sports clubs across the UK and Scandinavia - brought directly to your computer SMN’s renowned Grow Your Club...

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Six Grow Your Football Club workshops across Wales

More Than A Club - enterprising football clubs programme in Wales is launched   Six Grow Your Football Club workshops across Wales The Football Association of Wales announces their exciting new More Than A Club programme, developed to help our community football clubs...

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Grow Your Club – the guide

Grow Your Club - the guide The indispensable guide on how you can make your club a welcoming hub for your community   Thoughts, tools and to-dos you can use - here and now! Based on Sports Marketing Network's work with 4000 community sports...

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Announcing UrbanActive

Announcing UrbanActive UrbanActive - the network, newsletter and events focusing on creating active, healthy and engaged people in our big cities across the world Across the world, our cities are getting bigger and we are seeing a huge number...

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Volunteer recruitment and retention

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Too many clubs are relying on the same people to do too much and are therefore putting too much pressure on too few people. At the same time very few clubs make any concerted efforts to assess what skills they require and how to make themselves attractive to skilled and dedicated volunteers who can make a real difference. Hence, why the myth ‘you can’t get volunteers these days’ becomes the accepted truism.

Promoting your club/sport

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Successful clubs do engage and communicate with users, members and other stakeholders using a number of tools, often involving members and their networks, thus reaching much wider audiences at almost no cost. They embrace the changes and work with them and not against them.

Hub for the community

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Great sports providers work for and with their communities, and as a consequence, both parties benefit. They are in reality Hubs for their Communities. They link up their assets, skills and relationships with people, groups and institutions in their communities. They create Shared Value – a new kind of partnership, in which both the club and the community contribute directly to the strengthening and development of each other.

Innovation and enterprise

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We must listen, share and learn from best practice from community sport, physical activity, community engagement, hospitality, digital marketing and ethnic and faith bodies and beyond. And when we then adapt what we see to our own circumstances, use our own passion, determination and skills, then we all become at better what we do.