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 Thriving handball clubs a cross England



England Handball launch bespoke enterprise mentoring and support programme for handball clubs in England

Sports Marketing Network to help English handball clubs to become vibrant, visible and viable

We have many great handball clubs in England and a great deal of those are keen to develop further into more sustainable community-based organisations
Handball in England is growing. Enterprising handball clubs can benefit from this and become real community handball enterprises and be #MoreThanAHandballClub 

Examples from other sports demonstrate that when clubs play a bigger role in their communities, and in people’s lives, they:

• attract more players and volunteers
• generate more income
• generally, have a much better future.

However, England Handball appreciates that for many aspiring clubs this development, exciting as it is, requires inspiration and support.
This is why we are announcing our new support and mentoring programme.
However, England Handball also appreciates that for many aspiring clubs this development, exciting as it is, requires inspiration and support.
This is why the governing body for handball in England, England Handball are announcing our new support and mentoring programme where handball clubs from across England are invited to benefit from participating in a 12-month programme where they can develop the skills and programmes which can help transform their clubs.

Stacey Andrews, National Partnerships Manager at England Handball

Stacey Andrews, said:

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Svend Elkjaer of Sports Marketing Network who will be delivering the support and mentoring programme. 

Following the positive response to his presentation at our 2018 club conference, England Handball has teamed up with Svend Elkjaer of Sports Marketing Network. Svend will be delivering the programme along with the England Handball partnerships team.
Svend has worked with community sports clubs across most sports across the UK and has a proven way of helping clubs to grow and become vibrant, visible and viable.

All handball clubs in England will be invited to apply to become involved with this 12-month programme, developing the skills and programmes to help transform, their clubs”, Stacey said.

She continued, “If selected, Svend will visit your club and run a workshop with as many people from the club as possible and help you identify your goals, opportunities and challenges. He will give you ideas and support on how to attract more players and volunteers, generate more income and become a bigger part of your community.

He will then work with you for 12 months, providing motivation and inspiration, and helping you overcome those unavoidable hurdles. Yes, there are always challenges, but most can be overcome”, ends Stacey Andrews.

This opportunity is only open to a small number of clubs. The selection process will be competitive. The clubs will be selected based on their desire and willingness to change and grow, and not on size or league position.

To apply to become part of a truly inspirational programme for handball clubs in England, complete and return the Application Form.

You are also welcome to send a video as your application, or to support it.

Just write why you want your club to be involved and about:

• your goals
• your challenges,
• your opportunities
• your skills
• your culture
• your capacity and capability
• what support are you looking for

To learn more about this programme contact Stacey Andrews on or Svend Elkjaer on or go to England Handball’s website

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