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Newcastle Vikings HC introduces handball to local cricket club and demonstrate the sport to customers at Tesco Extra (and now they are introducing Walking Handball)

Handball in England is growing, but still relatively unknown here, so for the sport and the clubs to raise the profile and grow they have to develop partnerships and be innovative.

Newcastle Vikings HC is a dynamic club which is one of the clubs supported by Svend Elkjaer of SMN as part of England Handball’s club support programme.

They have just run two enterprising initiatives, one with cricket and one with Tesco Extra

All Stars Cricket is a programme run by the ECB to provide boys and girls from 5-8 years old with 8 weeks of non-stop fun. The activity and game based programme is suitable for all skill levels, providing the children with the foundations to begin a lifelong love of physical activity and cricket while making friends in a safe and enjoyable.

As throving a ball is part of both cricket and handball the great people at Newcastle Vikings decided to showcase their sport to local All Star participants.

Svend knows Russell Perry, Chair of Northumberlanmd Cricket Board and who is also involved local, dynamic cricket club, Corbridge CC.

They met and it was agreed that the Vikings could take part in some of the All Star Cricket sessions at Corbridge, introducing the almost 100 5-8 year olds to handball.

The sessions were a great success and here is a post from Corbridge CC’s Facebook page:

“…we had another fun filled night of All Stars. Thanks to the coaches from Newcastle Vikings Handball Club who brought their sport to Corbridge as the fielding station. The throwing, catching, jumping and running mirrored the work we all do in the field and provided much needed extra helpers. The Handball club are based in Benfield School and are keen to hear from local clubs running All Stars in their area.!

Almost 100 5-8 year olds traying handball in Northumberland

“It was really great linking up with the cricket community in the North East” said Marlen Slinning Goulty, Chairperson at Newcastle Vikings HC, “and we are really pleased that It has already been agreed that Nortumberland Cricket Board will support a wider role out of the collaboration in 2020”

On a sunny Saturday the Vikings demonstrated handball to the large number of Tesco Extra customers as part of the Kingston Park store’s Diabetes Awareness Day. 

Tesco customers of all ages enjoyed Try Handball which is a version of the sport which uses smaller, softer balls and which can be enjoyed by beginners.

The Vikings have just received funding to set up a Walking Handball programme, aimed at the slighter older age group around Newcastle.


Walking handball is already popular in the Netherlands

So, for any of our smaller, less know sports. Go out there, Be innovative. 

Talk to people across your community.

Be bold.

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