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Sport for Change and Social Good – a different approach, not a separate sector

A massive opportunity for community sport and physical activity to reach new groups and grow your impact.
Across the UK we are experiencing an increased focus on the wider role that sport and physical activity can play in our communities and our lives. In some quarters that approach is called for sport for social good, some call it sport for change and others call it sport for development. In the end, it is all about the wider benefits that sport and physical activity can bring to individual and communities.
Until now there has almost been a separate sector covering this work and in England, the Sport for Development Coalition and in Scotland the Sport for Change Network has been the ‘home’ of providers and funders sport for change/social good.
In particular, many of our governing bodies of sport and our community sports clubs have taken a sport for sport’s sake approach, believing that sport is living in splendid isolation from the rest of society. Increasingly, they are waking to the fact that if their sport and clubs are to prosper in a more connected world they will have to play a bigger role in people’s lives.
So, we are gradually getting away from two separate sectors, which is great and we are experiencing bodies such as Cricket Scotland and their #MoreThanCricket conference and the Football Association of Wales Trust and their #MoreThanAClub programme. Through our work here we have come across a number of community clubs which are growing because their engagement with people around goes way beyond just the sport, so both parties benefit.
How you then develop the Sport for Change and Social Good approach is something we cover at three one-day workshops which take place in Stirling on the 21st November, London (Ealing) on the 28th and Birmingham 30th November. For the full programme and booking details click here).

At these workshops, we will cover how to benefit from and how to implement a Sport for Change and Social Good approach. We will provide you with thoughts, tools and to-dos on how to develop and deliver initiatives which can make a real difference. We will also cover how to

  • build a team of committed, passionate and inspirational staff (and volunteers)
  • acquire an understanding of community and individual needs
  • develop the ability to work jointly with others
  • grow consistency and sustainability of the approach
  • develop a clear strategy and action plan for accessing funding
  • link with key priority areas such as community cohesion, playing a role in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, helping to improve education and employability, and health and wellbeing and other
  • build a sustainable organisation – building capacity, working with staff and volunteers, finances
  • develop the right an organisational structure – to ensure that quality of delivery is high and aligned to the desired outcomes
  • build evidence – how to align with outcomes and report against these effectively, providing guidance and tools for different settings, how to measure outcomes and not just outputs

All this will be provided in an engaging and interactive way, using jargon-free language and case-studies from                    sports and community organisations of                             ll shapes and sizes.

Who should attend this workshop:

This workshop is aimed at people who are involved with sports and physical activity organisations interested in developing sport for change and social good initiatives such as governing bodies of sports, Community Sports Hubs, Country Sports Partnerships, community sports trusts, sports clubs, leisure trusts, funding bodes, school sports partnerships and activators

People who are involved with community organisations interested in using sport and physical to engage with people and communities such as housing associations, Police, social enterprises, health and patient organisations, Local Authorities, voluntary organisations, funding bodies, NHS and Public Health

We look forward to hearing from you and to help develop a Sport for Change and Social Good approach

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