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Sport for Change and Social Good Workshops 


How you can change people’s lives through sport and physical activity
in a vibrant, visible and viable way


A series of workshops for professionals and volunteers held across the UK


Providing thoughts, tools and to-dos in an inspiring and effective way


Sport for Change and Social Good Workshops will run from 9.30 am – 4.00 pm

21st November 2018
University of Stirling

22nd November 2018
Sheffield Institute of Sport

27th November 2018
University of South Wales, Treforest Campus

28th November 2018
Trailfinders Sports Club, Ealing

30th November 2018
Deal Cultural Centre, Ladywood

From sport for sport’s sake to sport for change and social good – how?

Sport and physical activity have an incredible power to create social change and across the UK there is an increasing focus on how sport and physical activity can deliver social good in their communities and help people change their lives through sport and physical activity. And many organisations of all shapes and sizes are already delivering great work in this field, having a major impact on their communities.

However, there is also uncertainty across many sports and physical activity organisations as for how best to start on the journey of changing communities and lives through sport.

This is no longer about a debate ‘sport for sport’s sake vs. ‘sport for change/social good but about how sports and physical activity providers can attract more people by working closely with community bodies such as Housing, patient associations, faith centres, Police and education (at all levels) and become a hub for their communities.
By doing so you will also be able to attract new skilled and passionate volunteers and funding from non-sports funders because of your social impact.
So by dealing with inequality in sports participation, helping to create community cohesion, playing a role in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, helping to improve education and employability, and health and wellbeing sport and physical activity providers can grow their numbers, reach and impact.

There are already a number of exciting initiatives taking place across the UK developed and delivered by enterprising organisations from across a number of sectors both within sport and physical activity and beyond and Sports Marketing Network are indeed working with some of them.

We have developed all our material based on best practice and you can now learn from the best.

This workshop will help you to become a Community Sports Change Maker

Over the last 10-11 years, SMN has developed a vast expertise and experience working with a number of amazing community sports entrepreneurs who have developed vibrant, visible and viable hubs for their communities. We have seen what works whether they are based in rural Scotland such as Galloway Cricket Club) or inner-city Leeds, such as Hunslet Club and we have developed a massive library of best-practice studies and built a great toolbox of action plans and templates.
So, we will be sharing all this with you on these five interactive and engaging workshops.

By attending the Sport for Change and Social Good workshop you will learn to develop

  • a sport for change and social approach – understanding what works, how to achieve change, clarity of purpose around connections to the outcomes you want to achieve, learning from others
  • a team of committed, passionate and inspirational staff (and volunteers)
  • an understanding of community and individual needs
  • an inclusive approach
  • a community development approach
  • an ability to work jointly with others
  • consistency and sustainability of approach
  • a clear intention to bring about change through sport and physical activity
  • a clear strategy and action plan for accessing funding
  • links with key priority areas such as community cohesion, playing a role in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, helping to improve education and employability, and health and wellbeing and other
  • a sustainable organisation – building capacity, working with staff and volunteers, finances
  • an organisational structure – to ensure that quality of delivery is high and aligned to the desired outcomes
  • evidence – how to align with outcomes and report against these effectively, providing guidance and tools for different settings, how to measure outcomes and not just outputs

All this will be provided in an engaging and interactive way, using jargon-free language and case-studies from sports and community organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Who should attend this workshop: This workshop is aimed at people who are involved with sports and physical activity organisations interested in developing sport for change and social good initiatives such as governing bodies of sports, Community Sports Hubs, Country Sports Partnerships, community sports trusts, sports clubs, leisure trusts, funding bodes, school sports partnerships and activators

People who are involved with community organisations interested in using sport and physical to engage with people and communities such as housing associations, Police, social enterprises, health and patient organisations, Local Authorities, voluntary organisations, funding bodies, NHS and Public Health,

The presenter:
Svend Elkjaer, the presenter is one the UK’s leading advocates for and expert in the role that sport and physical activity can play in bringing about positive change for individuals and communities.
He has probably more experience than anybody else in developing and delivering innovative and effective services and support for sports clubs and community sports enterprises helping them to change lives and communities.

Having worked closely with a number of major community organisations and sports bodies across the UK and Denmark we also appreciate that there are significant cultural differences from sport to sport, from community to community and indeed from club to club. So we are able and agile to make a real difference.

More than 4,000 sports providers have benefitted from SMN’s services attending our workshops and presentations, being mentored or receiving consultancy. SMN has also advised, consulted and trained a number of organisations and public bodies including the RFU, FA, Cricket Scotland, Amateur Swimming Association, British Gymnastics, Sport Wales, England Golf, England Athletics, sportscotland, etc. and 50+ local authorities from London, via Merthyr Tydfil to Dundee and Copenhagen.

Interested in learning more about this exciting programme and how we can help your club(s) to become Community Sports Change Makers and run vibrant, visible and viable sports facilities and clubs, then get in touch.
Get in touch on +44 1423 326 660 or email svend@smnuk.com

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