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The 5 Is

how best to find, develop and deliver initiatives that make a real difference to your sports club

1. Insight

Not all ideas work everywhere. There is a difference in demographics, rural or urban and your club’s reputation and reach to name a few, so be honest and objective in your assessment of what will work and not work for your club, in your area

2. Inspiration

So go out there and learn from others in similar situations to yourself. There are several good ideas in this guide and also by browsing the Internet you can pick up some great ideas and then you select a shortlist

3. Ideas

It is always dangerous just to have one single idea, as you can become too focused on that idea and push it through, regardless of its viability. But if you are curious and out and about you will have generated enough ideas to select from

4. Impact

Now assess the potential impact that each of your ideas can have ie how much money you can make, the number of new players or volunteers or…then, of course, go for the one(s) with the biggest impact. That may not, necessarily, be the one you like!

5. Implementation

All these great ideas are not worth much if you can’t implement them. I could organise a Danish smorgasbord at my rugby club because both my wife and I are from Denmark and mother-in-law came over to help out. Gala CC was very successful with their Ladies Lunches because of they a lady at the club which was very well-connected in the community

= Improvement
Immediately after your event, sit down and evaluate, in an honest and objective way. Tynemouth Cricket Club lost money on their first Bonfire Night. They learned from that, they improved and now it’s a major revenue earner for the club.

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