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The Activity Grower Academy

Innovative training and support to get more people active

All across the country, we are all wanting to more people physically active. To be successful it will require a more innovative and enterprising approach than is currently observed across much of the traditional workforce.

To help achieve this ambition we are now proposing to establish

The Activity Grower Academy which will:

1. develop and encourage a new way of thinking and behaviour within the current workforce
2. attract and support a new workforce who will come from outside the traditional sport and physical activity sector
3. encourage potential social entrepreneurs to step forward and then train and support them

The Academy will provide blended learning through workshops, webinars, guides, videos, podcasts, mentoring and networking opportunities
This is what we believe should be the objectives of the Activity Grower Academy.

We work on the notion that in order to stimulate sports and community bodies and providers to change we must introduce new thoughts, tools and to-dos:

First, we must provide people with thoughts and inspiration on how they can make a real difference and become more innovative and efficient. We have found that story-telling is a fantastic way of doing that. With our unparalleled track record in working with community sports providers, we have experienced from almost all settings which we are able to share. We have found face-to-face encounters are, by far, the best way of sharing best practice examples. The most common feedback we get from our workshops is that they are “thought-provoking”.

Then, when we have inspired people we can give them the tools to help them to start making the required changes. Those tools can be given via webinars, guides and e-newsletters and we are aware that those tools have to be relevant to the specific situation and organisation.

Finally, we have to give people the to-dos, ie the action points and templates required to get started. So, whether the club/group/body wants to start engaging better with its community and run a Community Launch or raise their profile across their community, we have a guide for exactly that.

Learning for the real world
For the full Activity Grower Academy proposal go here
Everyone is time-poor so the Academy will focus on providing engaging and relevant learning in bite-size chunks for available for people at their convenience. Remember, the Academy is for anyone who is keen to get ers more active, whether they are already involved in sport and physical activity, so accessibility to the material is crucial. So, all the Academy material will jargon-free, packed with case-studies and simple action plans.

1. Existing workforce

We will develop a fundamental workshop for people already involved in the sector who are interested in engaging with inactive people. That will give them an introduction to a person-centred approach to
getting inactive people active.

The five key strands of the Academy’s work will include:
· Community engagement
· Providing a great customer experience
· Helping participants to be accepted by their peers
· Running easy and unpressured sessions
· Providing structured and supported self-improvement

It will focus on developing people skills, understanding communities and customer and creating a welcoming and relevant environment and experience for different groups and types of personalities.
Subsequent webinars, videos, podcasts and guides will each cover one of these topics and the video case-studies will highlight examples where coaches and instructors have been able to engage with inactive people by adopting a person-centred approach.
A comprehensive social media campaign, will seek to engage with those people within the traditional workforce who are keen to acquire some of these new skills.


2. New providers

By engaging with the thousands of Community Connectors we can reach groups and people who traditional providers of sport and physical activity do not reach.

They can include housing, faith, social organisations, social prescribers. health and patient organisations, men’s sheds and community organisations from carers to allotment holders to name but a few. Most of these do not see themselves as providers of sport and physical activity in the traditional sense but many of them provide these services as part of their general work with their stakeholders.
Working with a number of partners the Academy will run a social media campaign trying to engage with these partners. That campaign will encourage these Connectors to attend workshops where we will introduce them to the basic principles of engaging with inactive people to encourage them to take the first baby steps to become physically active. Again, we are aware that these people are rarely interested in sport for sport’s sake, but in how physical activity can help change people’s lives.
These workshops will be followed up by webinars, guides and video case-studies covering specific elements of how non-sport bodies can extend their work to physical activity.

For the full Activity Grower Academy proposal go here

3. Social entrepreneurs

SMN has over the years helped a number of social enterprises involved with sport and physical activity to develop their organisation into efficient, effective, innovative and financially sustainable enterprises.
We have developed a model which focuses on developing Community Sports Change Makers

Some of these social entrepreneurs include: 

Introducing Community Sports Change Makers:
An enterprise which changes people’s lives through sport, in a vibrant, visible and viable way

The model helps community sports organisations to understand how by having the right vision and by improving on all their eight strands as a Community Sports Enterprise (‘CSE’), they can also deliver on five change areas. These go hand in hand: “You can’t make changes to people’s lives if you are not a sustainable enterprise, because you won’t be around for long”.

We are already delivering workshops, webinars and guides for these enterprises and it is certainly our experience that has a very high proportion of current and potential Enterprises and Change Makers and that collectively they could make an even bigger impact if supported and upskilled.

These social entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity of taking part in SMN Sports Enterprise Network where they can share ideas and experiences.

For the full Activity Grower Academy proposal go here

Who is behind the Activity Grower Academy

The Academy is a collaboration between  Proper Active and Sports Marketing Network

Dannielle Roberts, principal and founder of Proper Active is a social researcher and behavioural scientist with extensive experience of a diverse range of complex behavioural challenges across multiple sectors.

Svend Elkjaer, principal and founder of SMN has over the last twelve years trained and supported a large number of sports bodies, community sports enterprises and community sports clubs across the UK and Denmark.

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