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A new association launched in Denmark

A new association launched in Denmark for the broader community sports sector to support, develop and upskill the s sector

The community sports sector in Denmark has over the last few years undergone an amazing transformation with thousands of new jobs, providers and educational opportunities. This new association will contribute to a stronger, joint identity within the community sports sector and create a hub for development and collaboration within the sector

The vision for Sports Hub Denmark (IdrætsPlatformen Danmark) is to strengthen community sport in Denmark by supporting the visibility, skills development and new collaborations between a wide range of providers within Danish community sport.

Despite a large number of volunteers involved with community sport, there are more than 25.000 people employed in the sector and there are many connections with public education, culture, experience economy, public health etc.
Sports Hub Denmark will facilitate development and collaboration between both established providers and community sport-related start-ups, personal trainers, public and commercial facilities and sports providers, suppliers, educationalists, social enterprises, staff and managers in larger clubs, sports students and educational institutions, local authorities and many more.
Sports Hub Denmark wants to contribute to a stronger identity for the sector and better understanding in the wider community for the challenges and opportunities of the community sports sector, including:

  • increased awareness and involvement for all providers and sun-sectors
  • stronger skills development and clearer career opportunities within the whole sector
  • establishing new networks and partnerships across the sector

The launch of Sports Hub Denmark comes at a time when the community sports sector is getting increasingly professionalised and is meant to be a call for collaboration with the volunteers within community sport. At the same time, the wider community has an increasing focus on and expectations for the community sports sector’s role and potential concerning economic growth, public health, experience economy, community and inclusion aspects, etc.

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An experienced and diverse Board was confirmed
at the Hub’s first AGM on 29th June 2020.

It includes Mette Bock, former Culture and Sports Secretary in the Danish government.

She has senior positions in the Danish media sector, including as Director of the public Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

CEO is Henrik Brandt,

Who founded and was CEO of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies for ten years and prior to that he was an award-winning sports journalists on Jyllands-Posten, a leading Danish broadsheet.

Svend Elkjaer, Founder and Director of the Sports Marketing Network sits also on the Board, and the UK-based consultant, event-organiser and positive disruptor within community sport said:

“This is a fantastic initiative to bring together the wider community sports sector in my native Denmark, and a massive opportunity to raise the profile and further accelerate the increasing impact the sector has.

Exciting times for community sport in Denmark

Across the world, during corona pandemic, we have seen governments and Sports Councils calling for increasing innovation and engagement from community sport, which has not always been easy for the existing sector, often run by volunteers.

I feel other countries can learn from this initiative in Denmark”, ends Svend Elkjaer.

Sports Hub Denmark will open for membership from both individuals and organisation and business memberships around August. 

During autumn the Hub will launch several networks, meetings and activities covering a wide range of topics for the community sports sector.