How to grow sports participation…introducing the Welcome Pledge

Hits: 69“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results,” Sir Winston ChurchillSport England’s latest Active People survey confirms what most of us who work in community sport have long realised: that participation in most sports across the UK has been in decline some years. Some commentators have blamed external factors, such as […]

Commit to being more welcoming – sign the Welcome Pledge

Hits: 84Welcome is a culture and then a skill. It is something we always do, not just a one-off The Welcome Pledge has been developed by SMN and is designed to focus people’s attention on the often small, but significant differences a welcoming culture and attitude can make in providing great experiences. All we are asking […]

Are Sports and Physical Activity Communities

Hits: 80We are all different… Let’s face it: Some people prefer to do their sport in a structured club environment where you train and are being coached and play/compete on a regular basis and you are part of a social network. Others prefer to go to the gym, go for a run or a swim […]

Better and more welcoming experiences – the way forward for community sport and physical activity providers

Hits: 36If you are to grow the number of people at your club/centre we believe and increasingly research proves it that you simply have to, consistently, provide consumer experiences that people will want to join – and pay for as customers.  Because that’s what they are: Customers.  Regardless of whether you are coaching in a […]

Welcoming clubs have more members and make more money

Hits: 45Yes, there is a clear financial case for providing an excellent experience at your club or centre.  Happy customers spend more money, attend more sessions, bring more friends etc.  We are not suggesting that performance on the wrestling matt or technical coaching skills are not important –   however, many people attend sports not just […]