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Community sport and coronavirus – the way forward

How do we respond now, prepare for life afterwards and how will society change because of the virus and how do we respond? 

The community sports sector across the world is facing unprecedented challenges due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and we all have to adapt and learn from each other. 

  • How do we respond now, with clubs, facilities and centres closing down and events and classes, matches and festivals being cancelled?
  • How do we prepare for life afterwards?  How do we get people back? How will people’s habits change and how can you respond?
  • What is our new ‘normal’ going to look like?

 At SMN we do not have the answers but we feel that it is important that we all share our thoughts and experiences from across the world. Copenhagen can learn from Sydney who can learn from Manchester, and basketball can learn from streetsports and so on.

We are linking up with experts and providers from across community sports so you will have access to best practice.

The format from this series is that you link on to SMN’s webinar page and we will start each webinar with a brief presentation and you will then have the opportunity of sharing ideas and experiences on how you are dealing with this issue.

In between the webinars we will be producing follow-up notes which we will be sharing.

We reckon each of the webinars will last 20 – 30 minutes and they will be recorded and made available on SMN’s website.

If you have particular points you want us to cover please let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you and, hopefully, you will want to join us.

PS. If you want to talk about booking SMN to run specific online support for your colleagues, clubs, providers and others, then please get in touch with me Svend Elkjaer svend@smnuk.com  01423 326 660

                                                                     You can registrate and book directly below

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