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Community Sports Volunteering Summit 2020


A one-day conference on managing, enabling and inspiring

the volunteer workforce in community sport


7th July, Moseley Rugby Club, Birmingham


Balancing the need for strong governance and compliance with the requirement to build a volunteer-friendly culture

With community sports reliant on the volunteer workforce, knowing how to effectively recruit, retain and manage volunteers is crucial to organisational and service resilience – particularly in the context of increasing financial, social and regulatory pressures.
So, why do many, if not all, community sports clubs report that they struggle to recruit and retain skilled and passionate volunteers? And at the same time it appears that very few clubs do have active programmes for volunteer leadership and management.
We also come across sports bodies who tend to almost over-burden their club volunteers with all sorts of admin, reporting and governance work – could we not be a bit more considerate when it comes to asking clubs and volunteers for stuff!

So, a key question is about how much focus we give to creating and sustaining great volunteer experiences and to help strengthen leadership and develop an open and enterprising culture across community sport.
This conference provides the opportunity for volunteer and workforce managers to spend some quality time on personal development, networking with colleagues and participating in a host of motivating masterclasses and discussions focused on volunteer recruitment, retention, training, support and management.

The conference will cover topics such as

  • Creating a more diverse volunteer workforce
  • How to research what volunteers want to gain from the experience and what they can offer to ensure an individual’s skills and personal contribution to an organisation are fully utilised
  • How to simplify the recruitment process for volunteering to act quickly on expressions of interest
  • Developing new skills through digital roles, including online recruitment and digital cataloguing of stock availability
  • Applying new solutions and ideas for supporting outstanding recruitment, retention and management of volunteers
  • Driving diversity and supporting improved approaches to inclusion and outreach
    updates on how voluntary organisations can enhance professional development for volunteer managers
  • How to understand what motivates volunteers and how to keep them interested in the 2020s
  • How to develop volunteer-friendly environments that fit in with people’s lives workforce manager
  • What are the specific challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining officials, referees and umpires
  • Improve the communication process between your organisation and volunteers/prospects
  • Not all volunteers are coaches – how to recruit people with leadership, marketing, financial and community experience to our sports clubs
  • How to motivate and inspire volunteers to welcome change and innovation
  • How to deal with volunteer burnout and mental health
  • Improving the internal communication on our community sports clubs to improve motivation and engagement

This conference is a must-attend for anyone working in community sport, and will help you to improve your recruitment processes, grow and develop your workforce, and maximise the impact of your volunteers.

Who should attend this conference:
Volunteering Managers, Workforce managers, Heads of Participation and anyone who works on a regular basis with volunteers working in governing bodies of sport, sports development departments, Active Partnerships and other organisations involved with community sport.

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Want to learn more or get involved, then get in touch with Svend Elkjaer on 01423 326 660 or email him on svend@smnuk.com