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Conference Presenters


A one-day conference on how we can develop community sport and physical activity for everybody, all through life, and make a contribution to a healthier society

Born Barikor, CEO, Our Parks

How Our Parks got 50,000 people active in 3 year

Our Parks was founded by Born Barikor, a former athlete from a council estate in Tower Hamlets, who found himself with no money to join a gym. He wanted to keep fit, so he came up with the idea of creating an accessible pathway to exercise for people from lower incomes by working with councils and development agencies to offer the public free outdoor exercise classes.  After graduating with a degree in pharmaceutical science and a career in sports development and personal training, Born left his job to realise his vision.  

Alex Johnston, National Grant and Learning Manager, Legacy 2014/Spirit of 2012

Legacy 2014/Spirit of 2012 – lessons so far

Alex Johnston is Spirit’s representative in Scotland and is based in Glasgow.  He manages the Legacy 2014 Fund and its learning.  He has been involved with the Fund since the beginning.  Alex has worked with Spirit for over 3 years and led on the development of their Glasgow 2014 Legacy programme.  He has worked in funding for over 15 years including almost 10 years at the Big Lottery Fund. 



Shana Thomas, Lead for health and wellbeing, Sport Wales

How Sport Wales are investing smarter and working with non-traditional partners

Shana Thomas has 20 years of experience of working on physical activity and health.  Currently, she leads on health and well-being for Sport Wales.


Shana Thomas, Lead for health and wellbeing, Sport Wales

How Sport Wales are investing smarter and working with non-traditional partners



Marie McKeown

Senior Development Coordinator South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Working with different partners

Marie McKeown has worked within Leisure & health improvement for 10 years and is passionate about improving health outcomes and accessibility to physical activity opportunities for all. A wife and mum to Millie (4), Marie enjoys family life, socialising, travelling as well as her own passion for physical activity.


Stephen Somerville, Convenor and Jacqui Stone, Secretary, Movement Park

#MakingMovementMatter in G14

Stephen Somerville, Convenor currently works as People Development Executive for JudoScotland, the national governing body for Judo in Scotland. He has a great passion for physical literacy and wants to be able to make an impact to the activity levels within his own community

Methven Regional Development Officer Triathlon Scotland

How Triathlon changed the health of the local community


Nicky Reid, General Manager, Scottish Premier Football League Trust

How the trusts at Scotland’s premier football clubs are helping create a healthier Scotland

Nicky Reid has over 10 years experience in Scottish Professional Football with a primary focus on sport for change. Nicky is passionate about the ability of sport to engage those who are often hardest to each – and most importantly, to do so effectively