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Connecting, enabling and driving Scotland’s Activity Economy

18th November 2020 – 17th February 2021

Online and  Conference at The Barracks Conference Centre, Stirling FK8 1QZ

Connecting, enabling and driving Scotland’s Activity Economy

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An innovative collaboration, through a conference with lead-in and follow-up webinars and guides designed to develop a genuine partnership between private businesses, social enterprises, charities and public sector bodies engaged in Scotland’s activity economy.

First webinar on 18th November with the conference at

The Barracks, Stirling on
17th February 2021

Our objective is to facilitate collaboration, debate, learning and connections to shape system-wide and nation-wide solutions.

We also believe that this period is the time and a huge opportunity to encourage change and innovation to help facilitate an exciting future
for the activity economy in Scotland.

What is the Activity Economy?

Today, the £ Billion global activity economy incorporates such as sport, active recreation, health & wellness, and the technology, tourism and media related to those areas.

In Scotland, the through the activity economy thousands of people are powering the economic and social prosperity of the community. Whether it’s the thousands of people attending the Jedburgh or Inverness Half Marathons every year with the subsequent impact on the local economy, the impact on those providing short-term lodging for travellers, cyclists and ramblers or the impact on the local economy of arts, culture or food festivals, or the thousands of spectators at the Melrose Sevens Rugby, these are all interlinked.

Whereas, Silicon Valley is a leader in technology and London in financial services – Scotland possesses the natural resources – the people, environment and enterprise – to be a global leader in the activity economy.

But being a global leader rarely happens by accident.  It happens from planning and a commitment to pursuing that plan. Now, more than ever, does the sector in Scotland need to pull together, innovate and collaborate.


The key sectors within the Activity Economy are organised sports, active recreation, active travel, infrastructure, tourism, arts & culture, education and health & wellbeing.


Three lead-in webinars

To introduce participants to the Connecting, enabling and driving Scotland’s Activity Economy collaboration they will be invited to participate in three one-hour long webinars which are designed to help them think and act in a new way where they maximise their opportunities for innovation, change and action.

The main objective for these lead-in webinars is to help participants be more open ready for the conference

 1. Listening, learning and collaborating  18th November 2020

This webinar will introduce participants to the concept of the Activity Economy and the objectives for the collaboration.

It will also cover how to be more user-focused demonstrate empathy and finding innovations and solutions that respond to human needs and user feedback.

We will focus on how to step into the user’s shoes and building genuine empathy for your target audience – we call it listening to people’s lives.

The webinar will also cover how to pool a diverse variety of perspectives and ideas; this is what leads to innovation! How to collaborate with others including bodies and people from outside your normal network and sphere – creating shared value and collaboration.


2. Raising the profile 16th December 2020

In today’s fast-changing world everybody involved with the Activity Economy must develop a better understanding and skillset of raising their profile, both individually and collectively. 

Individually, developing better use of digital marketing and community engagement are key factors in growing the reach and scope. Collectively, the Activity sector must develop a stronger profile and platform in order to ‘be invited to the table’.

This webinar will provide participants with clear ideas and tools on how their own profile and that of the sector as a whole, through thoughts, tools and to-dos.


3. A bias towards action 13th January 2021

This webinar will cover how to turn your best ideas into prototypes, testing them, and making changes based on user feedback. You must be prepared to repeat certain steps in the process as you uncover flaws and shortcomings in the early versions of your proposed solution.

This webinar will introduce participants to the ‘baby-step’ approach where many small steps eventually will help you make ‘that giant step for mankind’.

Most elite academies are quite clear that they focus on developing talent, whereas social walking groups celebrate companionship and fresh air. 

The challenge comes when there is no agreement within a club or group what kind of experiences they want to provide and who they want to serve.  Some coaches may want to win and others want to give people fun. 

It is imperative that work out who want to serve and what kind of experiences you want to provide.

Conference 17th February 2021

 The Barracks Conference Centre, Stirling

This one-day conference will bring together people from a wide range of providers and partners with the active economy.  Delegates will have the opportunity to listen to senior representatives, learn from grassroots entrepreneurs and great case-studies and get inspired to kickstart the activity economy in Scotland.

The conference will try and discuss questions such as:

  • How do we provide great customer experiences and grow the experience economy whilst at the same time meeting the strategic objectives of external partners and funders, whether they are from sport, health, tourism or hospitality?
  • How do we engage with the many partners, providers and bodies involved with the sector?
  • How can we engage and communicate better using digital communication tools?
  • Do we need new partners and providers and what role can the bodies play in that process?
  • How do we engage the local community and promote community leadership and play our part of the fabric of our local communities??
  • How do we help the current providers and bodies to become more innovative and enterprising and to start thinking ‘wrong’?
  • What does the provider within the active economy of the future look like? How can our current providers change and adapt to be relevant in a changing world?
  • How do we develop a more welcoming and relevant workforce?
  • How do we encourage innovation and enterprise to develop new initiatives to get people into the active economy?
  • What does real success look like?

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