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Driving economic recovery, improving health & wellbeing

First webinar in a series of three

11 am 18th November 2020

 Listening, learning and collaborating

This webinar will cover to be more user-focused demonstrate empathy and finding innovations and solutions that respond to human needs and user feedback.

We will focus on how to step into the user’s shoes and building genuine empathy for your target audience – we call it listening to people’s lives

The webinar will also cover how to pool a diverse variety of perspectives and ideas; this is what leads to innovation! How to collaborate with others including bodies and people from outside your normal network and sphere – creating shared value.

Claire Mclaughlin,

Co-ordinator, P4P Partnership for Procurement

Jude Reid,

SE & Sport Co-ordinator

Svend Elkjaer,

Founder/Director, Sports Marketing Network

Claire will cover how enterprising third sector organisation can form new partnerships or consortia; strengthen existing collaborations and ensure organisations build their capacity to better secure contracts or funding

Jude will cover how Senscot are working with a wide range of social enterprises across various sectors such as sport, health and tourism to help create synergy.

Svend will draw from his considerable experience in working with a wide range of community organisations to develop and deliver strong and sustainable collaborations.