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Becoming more active

Unless you create positive and inclusive experiences within inclusive environments, then there is no common ground on which to bring people together. These environments should furnish all participants with a sense of value and equality.

People have a variety of abilities and levels of interest in sport and physical activity, which means it can represent as much a source of division as it can a means to unity if not positioned correctly. It must be carefully considered who makes up the chosen communities and their relationship with sport, otherwise, you can only bring together people who are good at and like sport and not reach those who don’t


Acticles and blogs

Observations, reflections and advice on a wide range of issues facing community sport and physical activity


Inspiring case-studies and suggestions based on inspiration from community sports providers from across the world


Event Reports

SMN’s ‘hot topics’ conferences and study tours cover specific topics of key relevance to providers of community sport and physical activity

Action Plans

Having been inspired by all these case-studies we provide you with action plans helping to get going with those baby steps

Videos and Webinars series

SMN has delivered many webinars and videos on a wide range of issues within community sport and you can now watch them all here

Some tips and ideas

Almost on a daily basis we come across some brilliant ideas and initiatives, often coming from the grassroots – we are sharing them here

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