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Football for Fun

Football for Fun section of Sports Marketing Network


Introducing, Football For Fun, the first network and training and support programme for all those who think that football for young people should be fun and enjoyable

Training, support and networking encouraging and stimulating more fun and enjoyment for kids across football
How we can inspire more football bodies, clubs, coaches and parents to develop more supporting and welcoming cultures and environments where young people, regardless of their talent and skills can enjoy and express themselves through football.
Webinars, workshops, guides and networking opportunities for community football across the world.

Brief introduction

Some case stories

Short presentation and  introduction videos 

Some of the messages from Football For Fun

Watch this video and see some of the messages and stories we are using in our workshops and webinars encouraging bodies, clubs, coaches and parents to develop and deliver Football For Fun. Of course, there are heaps more, but hopefully this should give some ideas of the content.


So, what does Football For Fun include

  • Watch this video and learn more. This video highlights the key parts of the programme around a Welcoming Club –aligning the club with the needs and wishes of the players
  • Motivation – how to really understand what motivates your players
  • From Coach To Activator – aligning your coaching with the needs and wishes of the players

 We will be delivering workshops and webinars, publish guides

and run a network

You can also watch the Powerpoint presentation here.

Grow Your Club Webinar Series

Bespoke, remote support for community sports clubs Eight different webinars and guides with thoughts, tools and to-dos from the real world
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Grow Your Club webinar programme for you and your clubs – Eight different webinars with guides 
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How to create vibrant, visible and viable community sports clubs which can help change people’s lives

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