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Grow your sports club in the ‘new normal’ world

Inspiration, training and support directly to you and your club

Community sports clubs are facing unprecedented circumstances as many people have changed their habits and way of living and working.

The world of sport is no different from the world of technology or commerce where the rate of change is increasing all the time.  Sports clubs must not only have the appetite for change but must also implement these changes and adaptations or they will struggle to exist. 

The competition for people’s time and money has never been greater, and sport is under increasing pressure not only from other past-times such as social media, TV and E-games but more importantly, from inactivity!

Many people have got used to exercising more informally, often with family and friends, so may be less likely to go back to take part in more organised sport.  While many people have expressed an increased in volunteering and playing a role in their local communities, too many clubs hibernated during the lockdown and may not be first on people’s minds when it comes to finding a place to volunteer.

Also, most businesses, big and small, are very cautious when it comes to spending money on marketing, so sponsorship income is going to be hard to come by.  Combining that with a possible decline in membership income, finances may be hit hard.

But, it is not all doom and gloom. 

We are also seeing many community sports clubs who have been engaging with their members and their communities during the lockdown and have seen great benefits arising from that.  We are also seeing some great examples of clubs using digital communication like never before and all saying they will not be going back to old ways of engaging and communicating.  

Now you and your club can learn from best practice from community sports providers from across the world – join the Grow Your Club programme and have access to guides, webinars and remote mentoring on how to make your club vibrant, visible and viable.

You can learn from Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club and how they grew their membership by 800% and won the Local Club of the Year in Scotland Award

You can learn from Valleys Gymnastics Academy and how they have grown from 100 members to 3000 and winning the British Gymnastics Club of the year

You can learn from BK Skjold, Denmark’s biggest football club and how they are #MoreThanAClub and are engaging with the wider community, including running arts events

Annual membership of the Grow Your Club programme and the Sports Enterprise Network

Annual membership  is just £49.50 and when you join you will receive a copy of our 52-page Grow Your Club guide and you will also have unique access to a comprehensive library of:

  • Conference reports
  • Webinars
  • Guides
  • Presentations
  • Network meetings
  • 10% discount on SMN Events

You will also have access to our remote mentoring service where we can, online/digitally, answer your questions and give you support (on a fair-use basis).
Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • More players/athletes at your club
  • Generating more income for your club
  • More volunteers at your club
  • Better leadership and management of your club
  • Improving your club’s internal communication
  • How to raise the profile of your club
  • Your club as a community hub

Packed with case-stories, thought-pieces, advice, checklists, tools and action guides
So, we will inspire and engage you, we will communicate with you in jargon-free language, provide you with real case studies and give you tools and tp-dos you can use here and now.
And, if you have any questions relating to running and growing your club, just get in touch and we will do everything we can to help.
Now that many governing bodies of sport and other sports organisations are cutting back on their club support programmes here is an opportunity to benefit directly from the most comprehensive support programme for community sports clubs – directly on your screen, in your own time.   

You can also learn more about Grow Your Club click here and the Sports Enterprise Network click here

To join the Grow Your Club programme and the Sports Enterprise Network click here

Watch a brief intro video to the Grow Your Club programme here.

Governing bodies, sports organisations and others who support community sports clubs: If you are interested in discussing how we can work together to inspire and train your clubs to become more vibrant, visible and viable, then  please get in touch   

 Sports Marketing Network – the leading provider of enterprise training and support for community sports clubs

Since 2005 more than 4,000 people from clubs, County Sports Partnerships, governing bodies, leisure centres, community groups and other activity providers have participated in SMN’s seminars and events.

SMN has also advised, consulted and run training programmes for many organisations and public bodies including the RFU, FAW Trust, England Volleyball, Sport Wales, England Handball, Welsh Rugby Union, Badminton England, Cricket Scotland, British Gymnastics, England Squash, Rugby Football League, Welsh Athletics, England Athletics, Universities, a couple of dozen County Sports Partnerships and 45+ local authorities from Liverpool to Bolsover.

What they say about SMN’s Grow Your Club work:

“Your mentoring has helped me and the club develop. Our external message is so much more clearer now and communication throughout the club is much better. A real community has certainly been started”

Chris Lewis
Secretary, Ty Celyn FC

“I would strongly recommend Svend Elkjaer of SMN to any sports club which wants to develop into a welcoming, sustainable community sports enterprise.”

Jonathan James
Chair, Doncaster Belles Ladies FC

I would recommend Svend Elkjaer of SMN to sports organisations looking to grow
their community clubs and their membership. He delivers relevant and professional support and advice to help sport and clubs to grow and develop.“ 

David Marshall                                                                                                          Head of Development, , British Gymnastics

“Svend has a unique blend of understanding what makes businesses successful and how community sports operates and manages to get the message of the need for change across in an interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking way. Feedback regarding his sessions has been excellent.


Adrian Leather

Executive Director,, Lancashire Sport