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Growing the income of community sport in the ‘new normal’ world

Three webinars that can inspire and help your club, centre or group to generate the income you need to deliver your great work

Most providers of community sport have seen a (big) fall in their income during the lockdown and now that the UK is gradually easing out of the restrictions many community sports providers now have to take a fresh look at the way they generate the income needed to run your activities.
Over the last 12 months, we have certainly seen many community sports clubs and groups in many countries demonstrating amazing innovation in the way they generate income. We can certainly also see that those clubs/groups are in a stronger position when it comes to their finances, but also in terms of their engagement with members, volunteers and the wider community.  Win/Win!

Develop a balanced income model…a sustainable club/group

The three webinars will present thoughts, tools and to-dos for enterprising community sports providers to grow their income in modern and relevant ways.

Participation at the webinars is free for members of the Sports Enterprise Network (for other membership benefits see below). For non-members participation at each webinar is £11 – you will also receive the recording of the webinar.

How community events can raise your profile in your
community and generate income

Thursday 3rd June 10 am BST

Walks, festivals and markets are just some of the events that many enterprising community sports providers have been developing and delivering over the years. 

From the Great North Dog Walk raising close to £1m every year for doggy charities, Lymm Rugby Union Club where the income from their annual Panto helped finance their new amazing community sports facility to Rodley Cricket Club whose Open Weekend brings the whole community together.

This webinar will give tips and ideas on how to make sure are real community events, that people will want to visit and spend some time (and money) at your club/centre.

How a more innovative way of engaging with your members and players can increase your numbers and income
Thursday 10th  June 10 am BST

Many people have changed their sports and activity habits during the lockdown and clubs, groups and centres have to adapt to that new reality if they are to succeed and move forward.

So, you have to develop more flexible and engaging ways of getting people involved with your place. Pay-as-you-go, WhatsApp groups, family sport, hybrid sport, delivering out in the community, car park cricket and so on…

This webinar will present you with many successful cases and how to develop a model that is best for you and will help you stay relevant and grow your income..

How to work with partners, funders and sponsors
to grow your income

Thursday 17th June 10 am BST

Some community sports clubs and groups are more successful than others when it comes to securing grants, funding and sponsorship from outside sources.

But why and how? How do they develop projects that funders and partners want to fund and support? 

How do they develop lasting relationships with those organisations so they always seem to be on the front foot when it comes to securing funding and support for their work?

This webinar will take you through the steps for developing projects and proposals that have a bigger chance of securing the relevant funding for your projects.  We cannot promise miracles, but some ideas, tools and ways to help you move forward with securing outside funding and support.

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