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This is the title of the presentation given by Michelle Carney, Commercial & Community Director, Durham County Cricket Club at Sport for Social Good – the new strategy for sport in England on 5th July 2016 at Britannia Stadium, Stoke City FC.

This conference is designed to raise awareness, share ideas and experiences, encourage a new culture and develop relevant skills. It is about Building communities through sport and growing sport working with communities

Nelson Mandela once said that “Sport has the power to change the world…it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.”

Whilst many of us will agree with this statement, how many of us have actually used our privileged positions within the world of sport to test this, outside of our fixed view of what the world of sports development should and does look like?

The shift from a sports development mindset to the new buzz words and phrase of “Sport for Social Good” means that we have to challenge what we think we know is right and has worked for us to date to this new world of using sport for development. What does this mean and what does this look like?

With funding being an ever increasing challenge, how do sports development professionals become more ‘commercial’? Should sports development professionals have to change their mindsets and is it our role to deliver on the agenda of sport for social good, or should someone else be doing this?

Michelle will share some experiences of using sport for social and economic good and will raise some challenging questions on whether a commercial mindset can work in a sports development and community setting.

Michelle Carney has a proven track record of transforming the fortunes of sporting organisations both in England and overseas, and recently joined Durham CCC. Michelle has a fairly unique background which spans the sports development, charity, NGO and commercial sectors. She recently spent 18 months in Southern Africa running a charity, a professional football club and creating a successful Social Enterprise.

This conference will bring everybody together

Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learnt,
ideas and experiences to be shared

Delegates will come from community sports clubs, governing bodies of sport, local authorities, community sports trusts at our professional and semi-pro clubs, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, community groups and other community sports providers and community organisations.

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