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Based on my experiences working with community sports providers in the UK, Eire and Denmark SMN is delivering a training and support programme for Scottish Governing Bodies (SGB) of sport through sportscotland and Scottish Sports Association.

The first strand is Enterprise and Innovation for SGBs and how they can develop and implement strategies and action plans for embracing change.

As part of that first strand of the programme participating bodies are completing a brief questionnaire on how they view enterprise and innovation within their sport and SGB.

The answers we have received, all in confidence, highlight the different cultures and attitudes within different sports and their governing bodies which then have a big impact on their behaviour.

So, we thought we would share this opportunity with you, so below is the questionnaire and we suggest you complete this and then consider where and how you can become more enterprising and innovative.

If you want to learn how SMN can work with your sport and governing body to become more enterprising and innovative, then get in touch: svend@smnuk.com 01423 3256 660.

Question 1:        What are the biggest opportunities for your sport and governing body from becoming more enterprising and innovative?

Your answer:

Question 2:        What are the biggest challenges for your sport and governing body from being more enterprising and innovative?

Your answer:

Question 3:        Thinking back why have some enterprise and inovation initiatives you have seen and/or been involved with been successful, and some not?

Your answer:

Question 4:        If you had, what you thought was good idea, would you feel confident of introducing this at your governing body? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Your answer:

Question 5:

Please state how you agree with these statements on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being ‘completely  agree’ and 1 being ‘completetely disagree’.

  1. My governing body is very open towards new ideas _____
  2. My sport is, in general, very open towards new ideas _____
  3. Clubs represent the best ways of delivering sport _____
  4. When things don’t go to plan, my governing body always tries to learn from our experiences _____
  5. My governing body has a clear, simple process for introducing new initiatives _____
  6. Technology represents a great opportunity of developing/growing my sport ______
  7. My sport and governing body is good at using technology in order to grow our sport _____