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Many cricket clubs are reporting a decline in membership and precarious finances. The sport perhaps has an image of being less dynamic and responsive to society trends. Sorry, cricket, but this situation has been exasperated by the credit crunch.

I’ve always been looking at different sports and activities and wondering how you could do it better, exactly the way Richard Branson, he of Virgin fame, changed the airline world and many other industries.

So how could you revitalise the game of cricket? Consider how Sir Richard might think about starting up an alternative cricket club. SMN would like to suggest that Mr Branson would launch VirginCricket this way:

  1. Have a go playing cricket with a tennis ball in a car park – make the sport more accessible
  2. 2 hours play, maximum – we haven’t got all day
  3. You could play in any sports gear – even cricket is becoming more fashion orientated
  4. Kids and women would get preferential treatment – you need to attract new groups
  5. Laughing would be obligatory – we take sport far too seriously
  6. Family, corporate and mixed cricket – involve more people
  7. Walking cricket for 60+ year olds – I may be getting on, but I still want to play cricket
  8. Less jargon, please – what are maiden over, middle order, nightwatchman, wicket maiden or gully?

 How would Richard Branson, or somebody similar, shake up things at your sport?