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Innovation and enterprise

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Increasingly sport and physical activity in the community is being delivered by people and organisations which operate in parallel with the traditional school and club sports providers. These Community Sports Enterprises, operating either as social or commercial enterprises, are often run by people who have spotted a need or opportunity at their local level and decided to provide a service to fill that gap.

These community sport providers include sport camp organisers, coaching agencies, community sports trusts, organisers of five-side football (and other shorter versions of team sport), BMX facilities in converted factories, gymnastics/trampoline providers in former warehouses, youth or senior citizen groups, community-owned and managed facilities and many more types of providers. Of course, many of our community sports clubs are indeed run by community sports entrepreneurs

What is your purpose?

What is your purpose? Do you know? Do your members, stakeholders know? Does the community know?In the business world, it is a fact that purpose-driven companies witness higher market share and grow faster, all while achieving a higher workforce and customer...

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