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The Activity Grower Academy

The Academy will deliver our innovative and engaging work through a blended learning and support programme via workshops, webinars, guides, videos and mentoring

Strand 1: Existing workforce

Strand 2: Encouraging and supporting new providers

Strand 3: Developing and supporting social entrepreneurs in community sport and physical activity

Stimulating new ideas in our existing workforce
Introducing a person-centred approach to getting inactive people active

Changing people’s lives through sport and physical activity
How to attract and support a new workforce from outside the traditional sport and physical activity sector to engage with inactive people
A blended learning and support programme

Support and training for individuals, organisations and communities to help them engage with inactive people in their communities

A blended learning and support programme

Who is behind the Activity Grower Academy

The Academy is a collaboration between  Proper Active and Sports Marketing Network

Dannielle Roberts, principal and founder of Proper Active is a social researcher and behavioural scientist with extensive experience of a diverse range of complex behavioural challenges across multiple sectors.

Svend Elkjaer, principal and founder of SMN has over the last twelve years trained and supported a large number of sports bodies, community sports enterprises and community sports clubs across the UK and Denmark.

The Activity Grower Academy

Innovative training and support to get more people active