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Strand 1: Existing workforce


Stimulating new ideas in our existing workforce
Introducing a person-centred approach to getting inactive people active


In order to develop this new way of thinking we are designing training for the significant minority in our existing workforce who prioritise engaging with inactive people and who are interested in using sport as a tool for social integration. The training introduces a person-centred approach to getting inactive people active, as well as an understanding of the key conditions required to facilitate social integration through sport. It focuses on understanding the emotional experience of taking part in sport and physical activity and how to create positive environments that lead to positive experiences.

Content Strand 1:

  • Introductions/context
  • The language of sport and physical activity – appealing to a wider audience
  • Positive affect – how positive emotions influence behaviour
  • Anxiety coming into a sporting situation; arising from one of two places:
    • from the sporting task itself and competence to do it
      from the judgement of other people in the situation
    • The values of sport that we want to promote
      an understanding of other beliefs, ideas and approaches
      mutual respect
    • shared goals
    • cooperation and support for one another
  • Contact theory – how contact between groups reduces prejudice and intergroup hostility
  • How to use sport as an effective tool in contact situations
  • Creating positive environments for those new to sport and physical activity environments
    • the role of health & fitness
    • positive people – the influence of others in the group on experience; the importance of role models from different groups
    • balancing easy & unpressured with a structured learning environment
    • identifying opportunities for cooperation
    • appropriate competition for your audience


Takeaway tools


  • Positive environment checklist
  • Key conditions to support intergroup contact
  • Tips to get people talking in your sessions

The #MoreThanSport Academy

The Academy will deliver our innovative and engaging work through a blended learning and support programme via workshops, webinars, guides, videos and mentoring