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The #MoreThanSport Academy

The Academy will deliver our innovative and engaging work through a blended learning and support programme via workshops, webinars, guides, videos and mentoring

Innovative training and support to get more people active


Innovative training to get more people active:

redefining the workforce

  • There is a strong focus across the UK on increasing levels of physical activity. This will mean reaching new audiences which, by definition, must include the inactive.  The social benefits which are brought to communities by being physically active are wide ranging and well documented. From health and wellbeing to educational attainment and social cohesion. However simply moving active people into new and different activities will not be enough to achieve these bold ambitions
  • Many of us aspire to leverage the power of sport to bring people from different backgrounds together – strengthening our communities whilst improving the physical and mental health of everybody. Whilst such ambitions share many commonalities, it is important to recognise that they are not always complementary to the current landscape for sport and physical activity.
  • We must understand that sport does not resonate with everyone and hence it will not act as a cohesive ingredient by default in every situation; least of all with those for whom sport is not a current part of their lives.  However by identifying a common cause within sport and physical activity which anyone, whether active or inactive, can get behind, we can broaden the appeal and create a sense of shared ownership behind which people from different backgrounds can unite
  • To achieve such ambitions there is a clear role to be played by innovation, as well as a significant contribution to be made by the existing workforce. We need a workforce that understands people at every level of the sporting spectrum and recognises that not everybody can be, or even wants to a sports star; however everybody wants to feel accepted.

A recent survey of the sporting workforce showed only 2 in 5 had any sense that working with inactive people was for them

Whilst this group is smaller than we might like, we can nonetheless embrace this significant minority who see a sport sector that is truly for everyone. They, alongside new and innovative providers, can be enabled to reclaim sport and all its rewards for everyone, regardless of ability

Is our current sporting workforce fit for purpose?

The expertise of the existing sporting workforce is undoubtedly extensive, however, a focus on technical skills has held centre stage for too long. Whilst these have a place and education programmes within these areas will continue, we cannot expect the number of people being active to rise solely based on improving technical capability

The #MoreThanSport Academy

Innovative training and support to get more people active

The #MoreThanSport Academy provides innovative training and support based on these principles for three key workforce audiences:

The three strands are based on best practice, current academic research and innovative approaches, taking the best from other sectors, such as social enterprises, hospitality and entertainment. We also appreciate that this is a fast-moving world and therefore we will constantly seek to learn, improve and develop the content and the way the programme is delivered.

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Strand 1: Existing workforce

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Strand 2: Encouraging and supporting new providers

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Strand 3: Developing and supporting social entrepreneurs in community sport and physical activity

Stimulating new ideas in our existing workforce
Introducing a person-centred approach to getting inactive people active

Changing people’s lives through sport and physical activity
How to attract and support a new workforce from outside the traditional sport and physical activity sector to engage with inactive people
A blended learning and support programme

Support and training for individuals, organisations and communities to help them engage with inactive people in their communities

A blended learning and support programme

Outcomes from the whole programme

This is a highly practical, immersive programme that provides all the essentials for individuals and organisations starting a new enterprise or growing an established organisation.

Gain skills in a range of business tools and skills to help establish sustainable and thriving community sports enterprises
Articulate the feasibility of ideas for either a new social enterprise or income stream and build a business case
Create a living business plan to support the development and management of your community sports enterprise
Gain confidence in how to pitch for a community sports enterprise

Our approach

We work on the notion that in order to stimulate sports and community bodies and providers to change we must introduce new thoughts, tools and to-dos:

First, we must provide people with thoughts and inspiration on how they can make a real difference and become more innovative and efficient. We have found that story-telling is a fantastic way of doing that. With our unparalleled track record in working with community sports providers, we have experienced from almost all settings which we are able to share. We have found face-to-face encounters are, by far, the best way of sharing best practice examples.
Then, when we have inspired people we can give them the tools to help them to start making the required changes. Those tools can be given via webinars, guides and e-newsletters and we are aware that those tools have to be relevant to the specific situation and organisation.
Finally, we have to give people the to-dos, i.e. the action points and templates required to get started


The programme Changing people’s lives through sport and physical activity comprises several elements, including:

  • Introductory half-day workshop
  • Introducing the ethos and ideas behind the Academy
  • Two follow up half-day workshops
  • Getting started and all the practicalities
  • Growing and developing your reach and impact
  • A 24-page Guide
  • Three 30-minute webinars, supporting each workshop
  • Network with e-news and sharing of stories and lessons learned

We have had considerable success in developing and delivering this type of blended learning and information programmes, as we make sure the guidance is supported by practical case-studies. We are of course open to discussing your specific needs to ensure it aligns with your purpose.

Everyone is time-poor so the Academy will focus on providing engaging and relevant learning in bite-size chunks, available for people at their convenience.

Remember, the Academy is for anyone who is keen to get people more active, whether they are already involved in sport and physical activity or not. Accessibility to the material is crucial, so all Academy resources are jargon-free, packed with case-studies and simple action plans.

Who is behind the #MoreThanSport Academy

The Academy is a collaboration between  Proper Active and Sports Marketing Network

Dannielle Roberts, principal and founder of Proper Active is a social researcher and behavioural scientist with extensive experience of a diverse range of complex behavioural challenges across multiple sectors.

Svend Elkjaer, principal and founder of SMN has over the last twelve years trained and supported a large number of sports bodies, community sports enterprises and community sports clubs across the UK and Denmark.

The #MoreThanSport Academy

The Academy will deliver our innovative and engaging work through a blended learning and support programme via workshops, webinars, guides, videos and mentoring