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3 one-hour The Community Sports Volunteering Summit Webinars

£ 35.00

The Community Sports Volunteering Summit

3 webinars on managing, enabling and inspiring the volunteer workforce in community sport in the ‘new normal’

Webinars  17th March, 14th April and 19th May 2021

The Community Sports Volunteering Summit

Four webinars and a one-day conference on managing, enabling and inspiring the volunteer workforce in community sport in the ‘new normal’


17th February, 17th March, 14th April, 19th May 2021


Conference 1st July 2021, Technique Stadium Chesterfield

 Balancing the need for strong governance and compliance with the requirement to build a volunteer-friendly culture

With community sports reliant on the volunteer workforce, knowing how to effectively recruit, retain and manage volunteers is crucial to organisational and service resilience – particularly in the context of increasing financial, social and regulatory pressures.

So, why do many, if not all, community sports clubs report that they struggle to recruit and retain skilled and passionate volunteers?  And at the same time, it appears that very few clubs do have active programmes for volunteer leadership and management.

We also come across sports bodies who tend to almost over-burden their club volunteers with all sorts of admin, reporting and governance work – could we not be a bit more considerate when it comes to asking clubs and volunteers for stuff!

So, a key question is about how much focus we give to creating and sustaining great volunteer experiences and to help strengthen leadership and develop an open and enterprising culture across community sport.

This programme provides the opportunity for volunteer and workforce managers to spend some quality time on personal development, networking with colleagues and participating in a host of motivating masterclasses and discussions focused on volunteer recruitment, retention, training, support, and management.

Four one-hour engaging and interactive webinars

 Identifying potential volunteers in your community 10 am BST 17th February

Traditionally, many community sports providers have been relying on former players/athletes and parents as their main pool of volunteers and often the focus on who was available for a particular role and not whether they had the skills and attributes to fulfil that role.

At the same time, there is clear evidence that clubs and other community providers who are engaged with the wider community and are #MoreThanAClub are finding it much easier to identify to skilled and passionate volunteers than those who are ‘just sport’.

This webinar will provide participants with thoughts, tools and to-dos on how to become that community hub which can become an attractive place for ‘community connectors’ to engage and volunteers.We will also go through practical steps on how to map your community partners around you and how to run a Community Launch to present your great work.

How to recruit and welcome volunteers 10 am BST 17th March

 We know from our gyms and leisure centres that the first experience and the induction plays a significant role in the newcomers’ perception of the club and the length of their membership. The same thing also applies to volunteering in community sport so we will

We will also be covering the important aspect of clubs and providers being ‘volunteer friendly’ by welcoming new people, encouraging bite-size volunteering, avoiding lengthy meetings, having fun, having great internal communication and training and supporting people.

The webinar will draw on real-life experiences from many community sports providers and give participants ideas and tools to develop some great practice when it comes to recruiting and welcoming volunteers.

 Leadership and management of your club and your volunteers 10 am BST 14th April,

Leadership in voluntary-run sports clubs is a complex issue as people are involved with their clubs for lots of different reasons and that therefore to develop one common culture within a club can be difficult. But the difference between good, and not so good, leadership cultures and practices can have a significant impact can on the growth and success, and otherwise, of our community sports clubs. In different ways these providers, all based in diverse communities adapted to the conditions imposed by lockdown extremely quickly and competently, despite being in unchartered waters.  Also, they did not wait for instructions from ‘above’ but built on their already brilliant relationship with their local communities and then developed new competencies, like running training sessions via Zoom or used their kitchen to cook meals for people who were shielding. 

This webinar will give participants ready-to-use tools and ideas on how to improving the leadership at your club.

Rewarding and thanking your volunteers 10 am BST 19th May

Volunteer recognition is probably an area where most community sports providers fall down.  ‘Thank yous’ and birthday cards are indeed rare occurrences, especially if you not one of the ‘diehards’. How many governing bodies do have an award for ‘Best leadership at a community sports club’ or an award for ‘Best bite-size volunteer recognition programme’?

If community sport is to attract and retain skilled and passionate we will have to give much more attention to giving them great experiences, social interaction and a sense of belonging (that ‘welcome’ and that club T-shirt can do wonders).

This webinar will go through the many ways that you can recognise volunteers on social media videos to Christmas cards and everything in-between