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Community Connectors Webinar 3 20th June 2021, 10 am BST

£ 9.00

Community Connectors

Community Connectors Webinar 3 20th June 2021, 10 am BST



Connecting Communities 3 20th May, 10 am BST

Developing new partnerships and initiatives to engage more people in innovative ways

Svend Elkjaer, Director/Founder, Sports Marketing Network

Clare Cool, Regional Manager, SPRING

Community sports and physical activity providers and social prescriber could benefit from developing partnerships with many new partners, such as housing, patient associations and indeed major retailers as the latter have community engagement, customers, branding and car parks and often employ Community Champions and with other community-focused businesses.
Svend Elkjaer will give participants case-studies and ideas and tools on how to take their social prescribing programme to a different level by engaging with a wide range of community partners.

SPRING is the largest cross-national social prescribing initiative of its kind in the UK. It involves 30 well-established community-led health and wellbeing improvement organisations across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

SPRING empowers patients and communities, supports greater independence, reduces reliance on primary healthcare and ultimately delivers better outcomes for people and society.
SPRING aims to have a very positive impact on individuals, communities, primary health care and national governments. Over 8,000 people will co-create at least one social prescription and 96,000 interventions will improve health and wellbeing and overall quality of life for thousands of individuals.

We empower people to make decisions about their own health and connects them to suitable programmes and services in the community such as; social cafes, yoga classes, counselling sessions, swimming lessons and many more.

This presentation will focus on how SPRING deliver their work with partners across the many communities where they work.