How to become a viable Community Sports Enterprise Workshop 07.12.2021

£ 145.00

How to become a viable Community Sports Enterprise Workshop

How sports and physical activity providers can develop and deliver programmes that will help them engage with their communities and become financially sustainable

 7th December 9 am – 3 pm, Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol

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How to become a viable Community Sports Enterprise

How sports and physical activity providers can develop and deliver programmes that will help them engage with their communities and become financially sustainable

An interactive workshop providing thoughts, tools and to-dos for organisations involved with community sports and physical activity

The challenges facing community sport and physical

Community sports hubs, leisure centres and trusts and other providers are facing strong challenges to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and demanding market. How to attract new members and retain the existing ones, become a hub of the community, grow revenue, improve the social life of the club, increase media coverage, benefit from new technology and introduce new revenue streams…are all pressing concerns.

Life is changing and providers within community sport have to change with it.

Society needs community sports clubs, hubs and other providers to prosper. We need them to be places where people will want to play and exercise and become involved. They should generally become hubs for their communities, in short, become places ‘where people live their lives’.

But right now, there are great opportunities for community sport and physical activity providers to play a much stronger role in your local communities, benefiting your organisation and  and your community. 

So how do we deliver great, sustainable community sport without compromising your sporting and community objectives? How do we provide great customer experiences and grow participation whilst at the same time meeting the strategic objectives of external partners and funders, whether they are from within sport or from health, regeneration or community services? How do we engage the local community and promote community leadership and play our part of the fabric of our local communities? How do we develop and deliver an innovative range of sporting opportunities, attracting people of all ages and abilities?

This workshop will provide delegates with thoughts, tools and to-dos on how they can develop and deliver effective, exciting and sustainable community sport and physical activity programmes which benefit the participants and satisfy the requirements of the funders.

Based on best practices from several excellent community sports and physical activity providers this workshop will help delegates to transform their organisations into viable  community sports enterprises.

Specific topics covered

The workshop aims to help you, and your organsiation organise your work more effectively to improve public health, educational attainment, social inclusion through sport while you are running a viable enterprise.

Community sports providers – enterprises, charities or both?

Developing and delivering great sport and physical activity initiatives

  • How to design, develop and deliver the most appropriate programmes for each group and each need within the community
  • How to ensure your coaches are delivering great experiences that participants will want to return to

 Developing and delivering engaging health, community and education programmes

  • Matching the right partner with the right project
  • How to assess your potential for working with community partners – what are your assets, relationships and skills
  • The best ways to work together with community partners, benefitting both parties and on how to make it easier to understand each other and benefit from doing so
  • How to help build strong communities

 Running the projects and enterprise better

  • How to measure and prove your impact
  • How do you ensure funders and commissioners get ‘value for money’ and achieve their objectives?
  • How to engage with and attract support from non-sports partners
  • Working with business partners
  • How to become a strong, credible brand and partner
  • How to develop a viable enterprise and facility through Community Asset Transfer
  • Why workforce development is important: The days of ‘just being a coach’ are over – they must communicate, engage, provide great experiences and know how to gather evidence
  • Putting together a plan for a sustainable community sports enterprise

 Who should attend this workshop:

This workshop is highly relevant if you are involved with or work for community sports trusts at our professional and semi-pro clubs, informal sports and physical activity providers, community sports enterprises, sports governing bodies, local authorities, county sports partnerships, university or college sport, community sports club, community groups and other community sports providers.

 Delegate fees

£145.00 which covers workshop documentation and catering.

Members of Sports Enterprise Network pay £125.00

The presenter

Svend Elkjaer

Holding a Master in Business Administration, MBA, Svend founded the

Sports Marketing Network (SMN) in 2005 for people involved with the commercial, community and marketing issues across all sports, be it club, governing body, local authority or private sports deliverer.

SMN provides information on how to make your club or facility more viable, vibrant and visible, sharing best practices across all sports. It publishes newsletters, organises seminars and helps sports clubs and leisure centres with their commercial, communication and community activities.   

Over the last sixteen years more than 4,000 sports providers have benefitted from SMN’s services attending our workshops and presentations, being mentored or receiving consultancy.

SMN has also advised, consulted and trained many organisations and public bodies including the RFU, FA, Sport England, Amateur Swimming Association, British Gymnastics, Sport Wales, Football Association Wales, England Athletics, sportscotland, Universities, several County Sports Partnerships and 45+ local authorities.