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Introduction to Community Football Summit 2021 Webinar

£ 5.00

Introduction to The Community Sports Volunteering Summit Webinar 

Introduction to Community Football Summit 2021

Community football in the ‘new normal’ 

Svend Elkjaer, Founder, Sports Marketing Network

There are many signs that community football is changing, something that has been accelerated because of the corona crises. It is widely accepted that we need to improve what’s happening at the grassroots and for those involved in delivering youth football to think differently. We need to think about how we can put the fun and skill development back into kids football.

This webinar will cover how to pool a diverse variety of perspectives and ideas; this is what leads to innovation! How to collaborate with others including bodies and people from outside your normal network and sphere – creating shared value. There will be plenty of case studies and tips on how to develop community football in the ‘new normal’ world.