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Project Kickstart Cymru Conference

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Getting Wales moving, involved in sport and physically active in the ‘new normal’ world


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Getting Wales moving, involved in sport and physically active in the ‘new normal’ world

An initiative designed to inspire and support the community sport and physical activity sector in Wales to modernise, become more digital, collaborate amongst themselves and with the non-sports partners and play a bigger role in the community they serve post the pandemic.

The coronavirus crisis has presented us with challenges and changes to all aspects of our lives and the way that our community sports bodies and providers operate and will be operating in the future.
A key question is how the new ‘normal’ going to look like and how do we respond.
Will the way that we enjoy sport and physical activity be changing and, if so, how can we adapt to that?  We are already experiencing many changes in people’s behaviour in the way we exercise (or not) and we are also seeing many great examples of community spirit, some of them, but perhaps not enough, coming from community sport.
Many community sport and activity providers are in danger of not playing a big enough role in people’s lives right now and are not at the front of people’s minds.  When all this is over and people’s habits have changed those who were visible during the crisis will have a much bigger chance of regaining, or even improving, their reputation and standing in their communities. 
And how ready are you to adapt and change your offering, service and way of delivery?  Do we listen and learn?
As well as money, for this fantastic opportunity to be fully realised considerable elements of motivation, inspiration, learning and developing will be required.

 This is why we are proposing:

 Project Kickstart Cymru

 How to deliver enterprising community sport and facility enterprise in the new ‘normal’ world

Strategies, policies, experiences, real stories and successes to be told,
lessons to be learnt, ideas and experiences to be shared.

This programme will be serving::

  • Sports bodies, providers and clubs developing new formats, tools of engagement and communication, community partnerships, income streams and use of digital media  
  • Sports facilities/leisure trusts/local authorities transforming themselves into community hubs which are attractive and welcoming to the whole community and not just active people by becoming #MoreThanSport 
  • Community/non-sport organisations, such as housing, patient associations, park authorities,  the social business and enterprise sector, health boards and outdoor recreation providers who are using their engagement and connection with their communities to activate and engage local residents
  • National organisations/|Higher and Further Education bodies – those that support the activators, the doers and the innovators.  – such as Sport Wales, National Resource Wales, Public Health Wales, Universities, Colleges, Colegau Cymru, Wales Co-operative, Social Business Wales, etc…

The programme will ask questions such as:

  • How do we help the current providers and bodies to become more innovative and enterprising and to start thinking ‘wrong’?
  • What does community sport look like in the future? How can our community sports providers change and adapt to be relevant in a changing world?
  • Sport or physical activity - is there a difference and does it matter?
  • Who is going to get the inactive active?  How do we develop a more welcoming and relevant workforce?
  • How do the health sector view sport and physical activity?  How can the two collaborate to get more Welsh people moving?
  • What is the role of the modern governing body of sport? Just running their sport or being a community partner or something in between?
  • How do we encourage innovation and enterprise to develop new initiatives to get more people active?
  • What does real success look like?


13th July 2021
University of South Wales

This conference will bring together all the providers and bodies with an interest in reimagining and reinventing how Wales can move forward and create a more healthy, active and engaged Wales in the ‘new normal’ world.