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Welcoming and enterprising parks and green/blue spaces Webinar 3

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Welcoming and enterprising parks and green/blue spaces Webinar series 

Webinar 3 – How are the outdoors growing in Denmark and Northern Ireland

10 am  BST 21st May 2021

Webinar 3 - How are the outdoors growing in Denmark and Northern Ireland 10 am  BST 21st May 2021

Heiko Buch-Illing, CEO, Silkeborg Outdoor Institute

Heiko Buch-Illing will cover how Silkeborg, Denmark’s Outdoor Capital are growing.
Silkeborg is the self-pronounced outdoor capital of Denmark and is in the process of accelerating this position to attract even more outdoor-enthusiasts to Silkeborg.  The Council will now transform the outdoor into something that is more than just tourism, but something that plays a central role in the Council’s vision, and the development and outdoor strategy
The Council has now established the Outdoor Institute whose session is to act as the outdoor potential facilitator. They believe that the outdoors has a great unrealised potential as a driver for the enhancement of health, education and well-being, and by gathering the top minds we work towards realizing this potential.
The Institute acts as a facilitator between researchers, practitioners and business to deploy the best practices within the domain.
Heiko will cover how best to develop a more wide-ranging and enterprising outdoor sector and engage with new partners and providers

Mike McClure
Development Officer Active Outdoors Sport Northern Ireland
President, European Network of Outdoor Sports

Mike McClure will cover the challenges and potentials for outdoor sport in Europe. The Covid-19 crisis has underlined the huge importance of access to outdoor activities for the wellbeing of the citizens in Europe, and a wide range of research has documented the potential of outdoor sports in promoting wellbeing, health, employment and economic growth in many areas of Europe. However, outdoor sports are often fragmented, overlooked and unable to make their voice heard at a local, national and European level. What are the current challenges, potentials, structures and ambitions for promoting outdoor sports in Europe? What could a country like Denmark learn from other countries or regions in Europe? What are the most relevant European initiatives for Danish stakeholders in the outdoor sector?
Mike McClure will also introduce the Tollymore National Outdoor Centre of Northern Ireland, which has been training leaders and developing the skills of participants in outdoor sports for 50 years and is currently undergoing a strategic review.


These innovative webinars are aimed at representatives from conservation charities, parks, social and sports development and other departments at our local authorities, social prescribers, public health, trusts, social enterprises, community groups and health and wellbeing bodies