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Welcome to the Project Kickstart Cymru Webinar series

Helping providers of community sport and physical activity to become more vibrant, visible and viable

Learn lessons from Wales on how to get people moving, involved in sport and physically active in the ‘new normal’ world – building back better      and FAIRER.

Listen to the recordings from four webinars with ten innovators and change-makers from across sport and physical activity ‘economy’ in Wales.

Over the last four months, Dysgu Ltd and Sports Marketing Network have organised four webinars where people involved with community sport and physical activity across Wales have told their amazing stories on how they have adapted and innovated during the pandemic – and you can listen to them now.

We are now making the recordings available to the wider world which means you can now learn.

Webinar series

Special guest: Ryan Jones, World known rugby union star

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How rugby union star Ryan Jones and former WRU Head of Development, considers that innovation and technology will revolutionise the way that we consume sport, with so many competing offerings.

Special guest: Melissa Anderson, CEO of Valleys Gymnastics Academy,

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How Melissa Anderson, CEO of Valleys Gymnastics Academy, revolutionised overnight the way they use digital tools to engage with 3000 members, their parents and families during the lockdown and how they are planning to deliver a ‘hybrid sport’ model in the future.

Special guest: Alex Zurita of London Sport Tech Hub

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How Alex Zurita of London Sport Tech Hub is encouraging traditional sports bodies to embrace technology to grow participation and how technology can play a massive role in getting more people active and create ‘frictionless experiences’

Special guest: Morten Kamp Schubert of Mountainbike

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Morten Kamp Schubert of Mountainbike United talked about how they have created an amazing app which is now the main way for the 500.000 mountain bikers in Denmark to find tracks, communicate and feel part of a ‘virtual’ governing body of sport.

Special guest: Mustafa Mohamed from Tiger Bay FC

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Mustafa Mohamed from Tiger Bay FC talked passionately about how the football club brings together all disadvantaged young people – regardless of their race, nationality and religion, with players from around eight different nations in the team, from Moroccan to Egyptian, Sudanese, Yemenis, Libyan with inclusivity and diversity being the cornerstone.

Special guest: Hannah Phillips – activist and runner

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Hannah Phillips – activist and runner – talked about her big journey and her running progress through good times, bad times and ‘can’t be bothered times’ and how she now spread the word about the pleasure and benefits of running.

Special guest: Lauren Thomas Streetgames and Spirit-Ed

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Lauren Thomas talks about how she is developing community engagement through Streetgames and Spirit-Ed working with community partners who can engage with different groups and make them healthier and safer.

Special guest: Vicki Sutton of Welsh Netbal

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Vicki Sutton of Welsh Netball spoke about how she has been working with innovation in sport and physical activity through a career in sport and through her own consultancy. Now working at Welsh Netball, she shared how they have developed an innovative mindset and environment and how they are seeing the benefits from that after such a challenging period through COVID.

Special guest: Sunil Patel  of Show Racism the Red Card Wales

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Sunil Patel  of Show Racism the Red Card Wales covered how they how are educating young people and others on how to tackle racism in society through delivering school/club workshops and teacher training. Like others, they transformed their delivery to Zoom overnight..and amazingly grew their reach, presence and influence over the past 18 months.

Special guest: Ray Morgan from Torfaen Tri-Swim Club

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Ray Morgan from Torfaen Tri-Swim Club talked about his journey as an innovative swimming/triathlon coach and personal trainer and how he has developed new approaches/initiatives to engage with athletes and members during the lockdown.

The team behind Project Kickstart Cymru

Tom Overton – is a highly experienced sport, physical activity and community development professional and has more than 20 years’ experience working in various roles across the public sector – most recently as a senior leader in Sport Wales as Head of Community Sport and strategic lead for governance and leadership.

He brings considerable experience of the sport and physical activity landscape across the UK and detailed knowledge and understanding of the public sector and political landscape in a devolved context; particularly the broader impact that sport has in tackling inequalities and delivering wider social outcomes.

He has recently set up a bespoke consultancy, ‘Dysgu’, to support individuals and organisations to be the best they can be. His recent/current clients include sportscotland, Torfaen Leisure Trust, FAWT, Cardiff City – House of Sport, Bridgend County Borough Council, Colegau Cymru and the Active Black Country Sports Partnership. He is also a part-time lecturer at undergraduate and postgraduate level with the University of South Wales & Cardiff Met and a non-exec director with Welsh Athletics and Show Racism the Red Card. It’s all about people!

Sports Marketing Network, run by Svend Elkjaer, is a unique organisation where physical activity and community sports providers can share best practice on how to become vibrant, visible and viable and develop innovative and enterprising enterprises.

 More than 4000 community sports providers from across the have participated in one of our Grow Your Club workshops, benefitted from 1:2:1 consultancy and mentoring, attended one of our conferences, participated in one of our webinars or read one of our Guides, so we have developed an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and challenges for the enterprise and innovation aspects of community sport and physical activity.

Project Kickstart Cymru an initiative designed to inspire and support the community sport and physical activity sector in Wales to modernise, become more digital, collaborate amongst themselves and with the non-sports partners and play a bigger role in the community they serve post the pandemic

 Two potential new initiatives from the Project Kickstart Cymru.

 Conference at University of South Wales, Treforest

This conference will bring together all the providers and bodies with an interest in reimagining and reinventing how Wales can move forward and create a more healthy, active and engaged Wales in the ‘new normal’ world.

Some of the topics covered:

  • How do we help the current providers and bodies to become more innovative and enterprising and to start thinking ‘wrong’?
  • What does community sport look like in the future? How can our community sports providers change and adapt to be relevant in a changing world?
  • Sport or physical activity – is there a difference and does it matter?
  • Who is going to get the inactive active?  How do we develop a more welcoming and relevant workforce?
  • How do the health sector view sport and physical activity?  How can the two collaborate to get more Welsh people moving?
  • What is the role of the modern governing body of sport? Just running their sport or being a community partner or something in between?
  • How do we encourage innovation and enterprise to develop new initiatives to get more people active?
  • What does real success look like?


Announcing Sports Enterprise Cymru

A unique network and support programme for enterprising grassroots sports providers in Wales

Around the world grassroots sports is changing, including in Wales…

 Increasingly, the world over grassroots sports in being developed and delivered by bodies and organisations who operate in parallel with the traditional sports system, such as governing bodies and sports development departments.

 Post-COVID these trends are accelerating, and it seems that the scope for innovative and enterprising grassroots sports providers in Wales are probably bigger and better than ever before. They could include community bodies, community sports enterprises,

coaching companies, sports for change and development organisations, community foundations at professional sports clubs.

 The Welsh sports enterprise sector should come together…

 Now seems to be a great time for all those brilliant providers of community sport in Wales to come together, learn from each other, share ideas and experiences, raise the profile of the sector and their great work.

We have seen examples from other countries where bringing together all those enterprises and creating a platform and network can have a very positive impact on the sector.

Sports Enterprise Cymru (SEC is the first network and information provider for community sports enterprises from all areas of the community, at various stages of their development and covering a wide range of physical activities.

 SEC will collect and disseminate examples of best practice from community sports enterprises, support providers at all stages of their development, bring enterprises from different parts of Wales (and beyond) together so they can learn and share, run workshops and produce guides on non-sport specific issues facing community sports providers and generally provide support on all things enterprise.

 Through our international networks, we will also add an increasingly international dimension to SEC.

 Join Sports Enterprise Cymru and you will enjoy some unique and comprehensive benefits:

 Access to a comprehensive library of

  • Articles
  • Conference reports
  • Webinar videos
  • Guides
  • Network meetings
  • Discounts on events

A monthly newsletter with in-depth, need-to-know information which will inspire you and that you can apply, here and now.

Regular webinars will inspire you and give you the tools on hot topics such as

  • Developing an innovative and enterprising sports organisation
  • How to become a hub for your community
  • Changing people’s lives through sport
  • How to become a welcoming place
  • Generating income and becoming a sustainable enterprise

We will also be running digital/physical network meetings where you can meet like-minded community sports entrepreneurs and innovators.


To learn more about these two exciting initiatives do email the team 

Svend Elkjaer, SMN via svend@smnuk.com

Tom Overton at Dysgu via tom@dysgu-ltd.co.uk

Webinar Library


Learn from best practice and ideas from community sports providers across the UK, Australia and Scandinavia – brought directly to your computer


Helping providers of community sport and physical activity to become more vibrant, visible and viable 

To download a webinar there is a small charge of £5 and to download a webinar and the accompanying guide costs £10. Enjoy!


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