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Promoting your club/sport

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Promoting your club/sport

In a world where competition for people’s attention is intensifying by the minute community sports clubs and other providers have to work harder and smarter to become visible and stay visible. The days of putting up a couple of posters in libraries and leisure centres and thinking ‘job’s done’ are long gone.

 Successful sports organisations do engage and communicate with users, members and other stakeholders using a number of tools, often involving members and their networks, thus reaching much wider audiences at almost no cost. They embrace the changes and work with them and not against them.

Three social media lessons for community sport

Hits: 61We are indeed seeing an increase in the number of community sports providers who are active on social and digital media and an improvement in the innovation and sophistication that many demonstrate when it comes to connecting with people. But…for many clubs, leisure centres and other providers there are still a long way to […]

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