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Grow Your Club Webinar series

Grow Your Club – How to Become a Community Sports Enterprise

This introductory webinar will cover how clubs can develop the enterprise culture and skills required and how to get the vision right and a clear vision of what their club is for. It will help clubs become vibrant through the activities and events the club creates, visible through its communication with members, supporters, sponsors and the world at large thus creating a viable club.

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It all starts with helping participants to understand how absolutely vital it is to develop a welcoming culture towards new people, ideas and partners. It will then focus on how clubs can become business-savvy and build and maintain positive relationships with new and existing partners. Delegates  will also be given the basic tools to promote their club and attract new members by using innovative ways of engaging with their customers and their community. Finally the webinar  gives the delegates some to-dos on how to run their club effectively and efficiently and how to develop new ways of working in order to generate new income streams.

How to Grow Your Club’s Income – from Fundraising to Income Generation

Sports clubs must develop a sustainable income model – getting away from the panicky Dash for Cash often running around literally begging for money. The key is to look at the whole operation and ambition of your club and then identify and implement projects which can help grow your income to match your requirements, including generating cash reserves for replacements and developments. 

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The creativity and commercial awareness of a number of community sports clubs who are ensuring their sustainability will be shared. This webinar will give you plenty of thoughts, tools and to-dos on how you can develop better income generating strategies and initiatives that are right for your club. In your environment, with your skills and contacts and aligned with your mission. It will help you move from a fundraising culture to one of income generation where you provide real benefits that people will pay for and has value to your customers… Throughout the webinar there are dozens and dozens of proven ideas on how to generate income and concrete advice on how to implement the most appropriate ones.

Leadership, Management and Volunteering at Your Community Sports Club

Successful leadership and management of the modern community sports club require delivery against sporting and social objectives while ensuring the financial sustainability of the organisation. Leaders and managers need a distinct set of skills to thrive in this context where clubs are operating in a competitive and changing environment.

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This webinar focuses on how to develop a culture, processes and tools which improve the leadership and management of your club.  It will specifically focus on how to attract, retain and reward passionate and skilled volunteers who can really add value to your club. It will also help you transform your club into a Can Do club. It will also cover how clubs can make themselves attractive to skilled and dedicated volunteers who can make a real difference. You will learn all about how well-run clubs with a good structure, innovation, communication and motivation in place are successfully recruiting and retaining skilled and passionate volunteers.  Delegates will also be taught SMN’s unique 10-step plan for welcoming and retaining volunteers.

How to Promote Your Club – Raising the Profile of Your Club Across Your Community

Successful clubs do engage and communicate with users, members and other stakeholders using a number of tools, often involving members and their networks, thus reaching much wider audiences at almost no cost. This webinar covers how to use social and mobile media to communicate with members, sponsors and supporters. A key strand is SMN’s unique tool 4COM: Linking up COMmunity, COMmunication, welCOMing and COMputers which enables them to connect all your

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promotional activities. Delegates will learn how to develop Partnership Promotions with external non-sport partners from the Police to Housing Associations. Delegates will understand how a higher profile will help them to attract more members, volunteers, supporters and sponsors – and also how you can attract more support for their various events and projects by telling the world about the good work they do. Implementing the advice and ideas from this webinar will help clubs build a higher profile which will help them to attract more members, volunteers, supporters and sponsors – and also how they can attract more support for their various events and projects by telling the world about the good work they do.

More People at Your Club – From Membership Secretary to Club Grower

If clubs are to increase the number of members and supporters they must become much more marketing and customer focused. The time has come for them to create exciting sport and exercise experiences. They must increase their focus on people’s needs and wishes and get away from an internally-focused culture too often based on outdated views and attitudes.

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They must develop a welcoming culture across the whole club so everybody who walks into the club feels like a guest in one’s home – regardless of whether they are aspiring Olympians or recreational participants. This webinar covers how to create a welcoming club and grow your membership by listening to everybody who comes to your club – making sure you have conversations which help you determine what they really want. It will also focus on how to attract informal participants who can still add considerably to your club. You will learn how to create WOW experiences that people will really remember and tell their friends about.

How Your Club Can Become a Hub for Your Community – #MoreThanASportsClub

Great sports community sports clubs work for and with their communities, and as a consequence, both parties benefit. They are in reality Hubs for their Communities. They link up their assets, skills and relationships with people, groups and institutions in their communities.

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They create Shared Value – a new kind of partnership, in which both the club and the community contribute directly to the strengthening and development of each other. This webinar will help you to become well connected to your community and find a common purpose between your partners and yourself. You will be given advice on the best ways to work together, benefitting both parties and on how to make it easier to understand each other and benefit from doing so. It will also cover how you can best assess your potential for working with community partners – what are your assets, relationships and skills? A key strand of this guide is the 12 Steps for Creating Shared Value With Your Community, which they then can implement straight away.

Grow Your Club Series