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Membership of Sports Enterprise Network (SEN) gives you unique access to the most comprehensive    one-stop source for enterprising people involved with community sport and physical activity.

Packed with case-stories, thought-pieces, advice, checklists, tools and action guides

SEN is the network and information provider for community sports enterprises at various stages of their development and covering a wide range of physical activities.

SEN collects and disseminates examples of best practice from community sports enterprises, support providers at all stages of their development, bring enterprises from different parts of the UK together so they can learn and share, run workshops and produce guides on non-sport specific issues facing community sports providers and generally provide support on their enterprise aspects.

SEN help train potential sports entrepreneurs on how to develop and run successful and sustainable providers for the benefit of their customers and communities. We also help educate sports/enterprise/community professionals on the various aspects of community sports enterprise, so they are better equipped to understand and support budding community sports entrepreneurs.

Community Sports Enterprise needs champions and SEN will highlight the great work done by so many people within the sector and ensure that they will act as role models and beacons.

We  run regional events and medium-term, launch an Awards Programme to honour and highlight excellent practise within the world of community sports enterprises. Through our international network we add an increasingly international dimension to SEN.

A website, including a discussion forum where sports entrepreneurs across the UK and beyond can share ideas and experiences, will provide a key tool. Need-to-know information on how to make community sport vibrant, visible and viable.

 In-depth, informative and exciting thoughts, tools and to-dos

Packed with case-stories, thought-pieces, advice, check lists, tools and action guides


Access to a comprehensive library of

  • Conference reports
  • Webinars
  • Guides
  • Presentations
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    Membership  gives you unique access to the most comprehensive one-stop source for enterprising people involved with community sport and physical activity

    Some of the areas/topics SEN will cover:

    • How to launch a Community Sports Enterprise
    • How to Grow your Community Sports Enterprise
    • Being commissioned to deliver physical activity, education and other community services
    • How to develop a service that people will really want to pay for
    • How to deliver great social prescribing
    • Proving your impact
    • Asset transfer – opportunities and challenges
    • Social pricing – ensuring sustainability whilst meeting your community/social objectives
    • How to grow your nationwide enterprise – franchising, partnerships, local offices, or…?
    • Working with non-sport partners
    • More players and people at your project and club
    • Attracting and retaining skilled and passionate volunteers
    • Growing your project’s and club’s income
    • Raising your project’s and club’s profile in the community
    • How your project and club can become a hub for your community
    • Developing the leadership and management of your project and club
    • Welcoming environments and coaches
    • The coach in the community
    • How to develop your own sports enterprise
    • Developing sustainable Sport for Change

    Svend Elkjaer

    Svend Elkjaer, principal and founder of SMN has over the last twelve years trained and supported a large number of sports bodies, community sports enterprises and community sports clubs across the UK and Denmark.

    Some brief highlights on how best to grow community sport and physical activity…for the complete version, please join our Sports Enterprise Network