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Strand 2: Encouraging and supporting new providers


Changing people’s lives through sport and physical activity
How to attract and support a new workforce from outside the traditional sport and physical activity sector to engage with inactive people
A blended learning and support programme


They include

  • Social workers who are engaging with drug-users, involving them in fitness classes and, over time, weaning them off drugs
  • Health professionals engaging with people who are lonely and feel isolated by providing activities which help residents to get out of their flats and houses
  • Police officers who are engaging with people, through street football or similar, who are at risk of becoming marginalised
  • Community connectors who are trying to build bridges between different ethnic and faith groups by organising sporting and community events

There is great scope for developing a stronger offering and platform for these community organisations, helping them to improve their offering and engagement in getting inactive people active and also to provide a network where they can learn from each other.
For this group, Academy will be training them to develop physical activity programmes that are relevant and engaging for their specific client groups.



  • How to use physical fitness sessions as a tool to improve your participants’ general health and well being
  • Welcoming anyone who is living in homeless hostels, temporary accommodation, bed and breakfast or vulnerably housed
  • Reducing social isolation, improve mental health as well as addressing long-term physical health needs
  • How to deliver programmes which offer a variety of sessions that are around peer support, group work, diet nutrition, confidence building and raising self-esteem
  • How to keep the participant focused on the positive side of life while getting fitter, healthier and stronger both mentally and physically



  • Helping all participants learn to work as part of a team in a supportive environment that aims to raise their aspiration
  • How community organisations, public sector bodies and providers of sport and physical activity can collaborate and create synergy and co-creation
  • Gathering evidence – how to align with outcomes and report against these effectively, providing guidance and tools for different settings, how to measure outcomes and not just outputs
  • How to use social media to engage and follow up
  • Providing a great customer experience that everyone appreciates
  • Helping participants to be accepted by their peers
  • Running easy and unpressured sessions
  • Providing structured and supported self-improvement

The #MoreThanSport Academy

The Academy will deliver our innovative and engaging work through a blended learning and support programme via workshops, webinars, guides, videos and mentoring