Community Football Summit Conference

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The unique, must-attend event for everyone involved with community footbal

A myriad of community football providers and formats

Community and grassroots football play a huge role in people’s lives, in sport and in our communities.  Whether played in a traditional club, a community setting, a small-sided facility or somewhere else football has the scope to engage with more people than any other sport.

There is a wide range of providers and settings with different focus whether it is talent pathways, social integration or fun and enjoyment and it seems that there is precious little dialogue and engagement between the various providers of community football.

We are seeing an increase in the different formats of football, be it futsal, footgolf, walking football, e-football or freestyle and they are all attracting players from a wide range of backgrounds, dedication and talents. It has been estimated that more than 50% of football is played away from clubs.

There is also a wide range of football for change programmes where football is used as a lever to engage with disengaged groups to improve people’s health, educational attainment, and social inclusion.  They are often delivered by dedicated community groups and others who see football as a means to an end and not ‘just football for football’s sake’.

Community Football Summit 2021 Conference

For the football governing bodies all these developments represent huge challenges and opportunities. Should they ignore them and stick with the traditional formats and clubs as the main providers or should they embrace all these developments and even consider to coordinate them all is a question which is important to community football at all levels

So this is an exciting, innovative and flourishing sector with a larger number of different groups and providers involved, often doing great work, but with relatively little cross-sector engagement and communication. Until now – a connected grassroots football sector is what the Community Football Summit is trying to achieve

Bringing grassroots football together

The Summit will bring together people with an interest in community football from across a wide range of groups and bodies together. They will learn from each other, share ideas and experiences and develop new partnerships all to build a vibrant, visible and viable community football sector.

 Who should attend the Community Football Summit

 Football governing bodies, schools, colleges, community groups, coaching companies, holiday camp organisers, football for change organisations, club representatives, charities, coach developers and leisure trusts.

This conference will feature real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learnt, ideas and experiences to be shared