Growing grassroots sport in Australia – for whom, by whom?

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Growing grassroots sport in Australia – for whom, by whom?

 New formats, places, people and partners for grassroots sports in Australia

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Friday  11th December 2020, 10 am AEDT

Friday 18th December 2020, 10 am AEDT


Across the world, people’s lives are changing faster every day. The explosive growth of social media, more people leading 24/7 lives, the decline of the traditional core family and a culture of more demanding consumers are just some of the trends that are having an impact on our lives.  And as a direct consequence, the way people view and participate in sport and physical activity.

In many countries, the traditional leisure facilities and community sports clubs are therefore facing considerable financial pressure, whilst workout-at-home brands like Peloton, Nautilus and NordicTrack are reporting massive increases in the number of subscribers. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular (In the UK there is a shortage of bikes) and Amazon and Google are joining Apple and many others in launching fitness apps and videos.

We are also seeing some people joining traditional sports clubs in more flexible ways.  In Denmark, they are seeing many families joining clubs but as part of a ‘motionsfællesskab’, or ‘exercise community’ which has proved particularly popular with females who won’t/can’t commit to regular classes. 

We are also experiencing a growing number of non-sports bodies, such as housing, patient associations and social enterprises delivering physical activity programmes to residents, patients and clients, respectively.

These two webinars will highlight different aspects of how you can adapt and change to this ‘new normal world’. Combining thoughts and tools from innovative community sports providers from across the world with case-studies from some of Australia’s most successful grassroots providers these three webinars will bring new thinking and ways to deliver grassroots sports right to your computer screen. At no cost!

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Friday 11th December 2020 10 am AEDT

Creating social innovation in grassroots sport in Australia, Svend Elkjaer, Founder, Sports Marketing Network. How people and groups are looking to develop and deliver innovative ways to engage with new groups through sport and develop more active and engaged people and a real impact in our communities.

Embracing the power of sport and recreation as a vehicle for inclusion, opportunity and belonging for all members of the community – including, recently arrived migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum. How clubs can shift their model to be inclusive of different groups, grow participation numbers and adapt to hanging community needs, Maia Tua-Davidson, Manager, Welcoming Sport at Welcoming Australia 

Friday 18th December10 am AEDT

Developing partnerships and collaboration in grassroots sports in Australia, Svend Elkjaer, Founder, Sports Marketing Network. How to pool a diverse variety of perspectives and ideas; this is what leads to innovation! How to collaborate with others including bodies and people from outside your normal network and sphere – creating shared value.

The work of a child is PLAY, exploring their own unique potential, being safe to fail, having a right to enjoy Sport for the sake of enjoying it, through GAME PLAY LEARN.  Joey Peters, Founder, Game Play Learn

Strong Webinar Line up

Maia Tua-Davidson, Manager, Welcoming Sport

            Joey Peters, Founder,                    Game Play Learn

          Svend Elkjaer, Founder, Sport Marketing Network

Sports Marketing Network, the organisers

Sports Marketing Network is a unique, UK-based organisation where physical activity and community sports providers can share best practice on how to become vibrant, visible and viable and develop innovative and enterprising enterprises.

We have been described as positive disruptors and we have worked with a wide range of sport, physical activity and community organisations across the world helping them to adapt, change and become better equipped to the changing landscape.