The sports club in 2030

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The sports club in 2030 – what will our clubs, leisure centres and other places for community sport and physical activity look and feel like in ten years time?


Are you willing and able to embrace change in order to survive and prosper?

​When we launched Sports Marketing Network 15 years ago my wife and I would sit in front of the telly and stuff envelopes with flyers and put stamps on them (remember stamps?). Some years I would sit in front of the telly and send out faxes, again to inform and promote.

Now we run webinars for people across the world, sitting in Yorkshire. We have more 10,000 contacts on LinkedIn and this newsletter is emailed to 8,000 people.
(I hesitate to wonder what would have happened to SMN if we were still stuffing envelopes!)

Yes, the world is changing and in many cases that bring new opportunities if we are willing and able to change ourselves, but not if we see change as the enemy and take forever to react to the new world.
Community sports clubs and centres are not immune to this situation and we who are involved with this sector simply have to embrace change and we could benefit from that change.

Over the next few weeks we will explore the various options for the next ten years for clubs and other places sport and physical activity.

Just look at what happened to

Woolworths and Blockbuster when they didn’t adapt

We feel that the eight areas of attention are:

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