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Vibrant, Visible and Viable

Help you grow and  develop more vibrant, visible and viable community sport and active leisure

Strong Networks

Working with professionals and volunteers involved with community sport and physical activity


Grow Sport+ exclusive information and support for our  members

Free part of the SMN Thought, Tools and To-dos

  • Thoughts which will encourage new, innovative thinking
  • Tools which will help you implement your ideas
  • To-dos which will help move forward in ‘baby steps’

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Key benefits of our membership

  • Grow Sport+ the Journal, eight times per year you receive really advice on how to grow community sport and physical activity
  • Grow Sport+ Dedicated member only website full of useful resources from case studies to ready-to-use template
  • Discounts on participation at SMN’s Grow Sport conferences – right topics, timely information, all together
  • Added free membership to Grow Sport Focus Networks (optional)

Focus Networks

Focus Networks each serving specific segments of community sport and physical activity

  • As a member of a Focus Network you will be specially invited to national conferences and regional meetings.
  • You will also have access specific material on the Grow Sport + section of SMN’s website where thoughts, case-studies, templates and other information will give people with interest in those specific areas the information and support required to deliver really excellent work.

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