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Turn online shopping and the power of your community into a long term, free, and sustainable fundraising source


Webinar Tuesday 25th October 7.30 pm BST

We have seen many examples where sports clubs have benefitted in terms of membership and income from playing a stronger role in their communities. And with a stronger focus on sport’s ability to change people’s lives, there is an even stronger scope for sports clubs to play a bigger role in their communities and the lives of people around them and become #MoreThanAClub.

Also as sports clubs must develop a sustainable income model – getting away from the panicky Dash for Cash, literally begging for money. The key is to look at the whole operation and ambition of your club and then identify and implement projects which can help grow your income to match your requirements.

It is key to integrate the sporting aspects and ambitions and your income generation as you must ensure that all your club’s operations are financially sustainable.

That will also be helped by becoming a hub for your community as more people will take an interest in your club and want to support you and take part in your activities and events.

This webinar will give you

Thoughts, Tools, and To-dos on how

you can utilise your community involvement to help grow

your income from online shopping.

Turn online shopping to sustainable fundraising source