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Volunteer recruitment and retention

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Volunteer recruitment and retention

Too many sports clubs and providers are relying on the same people to do too much and are therefore putting too much pressure on too few people.  At the same time, very few make any concerted efforts to assess what skills they require and how to make themselves attractive to skilled and dedicated volunteers who can make a real difference. Hence, why the myth ‘you can’t get volunteers these days’ becomes the accepted truism.

But the good news is that we also experience many well-run bodies with a good structure, innovation, communication and motivation in place successfully recruiting and retaining skilled and passionate volunteers.

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With community sports reliant on the volunteer workforce, knowing how to effectively recruit, retain and manage volunteers is crucial to organisational and service resilience – particularly in the context of increasing financial, social and regulatory pressures.
So, why do many, if not all, community sports clubs report that they struggle to recruit and retain skilled and passionate volunteers? And at the same time it appears that very few clubs do have active programmes for volunteer leadership and management.
We also come across sports bodies who tend to almost over-burden their club volunteers with all sorts of admin, reporting and governance work – could we not be a bit more considerate when it comes to asking clubs and volunteers for stuff!

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