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Grow Your Club Programme for you and your club




Grow Your Club – Webinars


Webinar programme for you and your clubs –
Learn from best practice and ideas from community sports clubs across the UK and Scandinavia – brought directly to your computer

How to create vibrant, visible and viable community sports clubs which can help change people’s lives





Generating New Ideas. Solving Problems

Bespoke, remote support for community sports clubs
Eight webinars and guides with thoughts, tools and to-dos from the real world

Each module includes a 30-minute webinar

(online training seminar)

and a 12-page guide which we will email to you.

Building on Sports Marketing Network’s work with more than 4000 community sports clubs these webinars (30-minute online training sessions) and 16-18 page guides are the ideal way to help your clubs to become more vibrant, visible and viable.
The eight strands cover the key aspects of growing your clubs and the content can be adapted to focus on specific sports if required.
The material can indeed be co-branded with your sports organisation and SMN
For a chat about how we can help your clubs to grow, get in contact on 01423 326 660 or email svend@smnuk.com

Even if you cannot attend the webinar we will send the video to you so you can view in your own time – supported by the guide. You are also invited to submit email questions to Svend Elkjaer, the presenter. (Even if you do not regard yourself as a computer whizkid, it is really simple to join and participate in these webinars). To attend individual webinars and receive each guide costs just £15.00 and when you book onto all six sessions you get one FREE and pay only £60.00. Each webinar will be held at 10.00 am on the last Saturday of the month commencing 24th February.

All this information is brought to you in a way which we are sure will help spur you into action

Leadership and management of your sports club
How to create a change-friendly culture

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Successful leadership and management of the modern sports club require delivery against sporting and social objectives while ensuring the financial sustainability of the organisation. Leaders and managers need a distinct set of skills to thrive in this context where clubs are operating in a competitive and changing environment.

Very few clubs do not have a programme which supports coaches who want to develop new skills. That is not the case with the volunteers who are involved with the actual development and running of the club. Very few clubs actively look at how they can improve their leadership and management and, say, develop more efficient decision making (just look at the time it often takes to make even the simplest decisions in clubs).

Hopefully, this webinar and guide can help you to improve the leadership and management at your club. This is not an exact science and each club and environment is different, so you will have to adapt the advice given here to your specific situation. .


More players at your sports club



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 Community sports clubs can play a significant role in people’s lives and provide great football and consumer experiences for all; talented or not, player or parent or casual or dedicated.

In order to attract more players community sports clubs must become more welcoming and focused on the players and their welfare and ensure they are having fun and feel engaged. They must listen to people lives, communicate with them on their terms and in their language and ensure that they are more than just a sports club.

We have been studying best practice across sports clubs across the UK and in many sports and we have found some, often simple, ways to get more people to play sport, in this case, football.

This webinar, supported by the guide will give you some thoughts, tools and to-dos on how to attract and retain more players of all ages, shapes and talent .

More volunteers at your club
How to recruit and retain skilled volunteers


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 Too many sports clubs are relying on the same people to do too much and are therefore putting too much pressure on too few people. At the same time, very few clubs make any concerted efforts to assess what skills they require and how to make themselves attractive to skilled and dedicated volunteers who can make a real difference. Hence, why the myth ‘you can’t get volunteers these days’ becomes the accepted truism.

But the good news is that we also experience many well-run clubs with a good structure, innovation, communication and motivation in place successfully recruiting and retaining skilled and passionate volunteers.

So, how do you develop a culture which welcomes new people into your club and ensures that everybody feels engaged and involved? This webinar will cover how your club can develop a volunteer-friendly culture and approach that will help you grow and become a place that everyone will want to become involved with..

Generating more income
From fundraising to income generation

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The notion that a community sports club is indeed an enterprise which has to attract, serve and retain customers and make a surplus whilst fulfilling its sporting and community objectives is something that many clubs will need help to embrace. Sports clubs must develop a sustainable income model – getting away from the panicky Dash for Cash often running around literally begging for money.

The key is to look at the whole operation and ambition of your club and then identify and implement projects which can help grow your income to match your requirements, including generating cash reserves for replacements and developments. The creativity and commercial awareness of a number of community sports clubs who are ensuring their sustainability will be shared.

This webinar and guide will give you plenty of thoughts, tools and to-dos on how you can develop better income generating strategies and initiatives that are right for your club. In your environment, with your skills and contacts and aligned with your mission. It will help you move from a fundraising culture to one of income generation where you provide real benefits that people will pay for and has value to your customers (members, guests, supporters, sponsors)…

Participants will be given dozens and dozens of proven ideas on how to generate income and concrete advice on how to implement the most appropriate ones.

A connected club
Improving your club’s internal communication

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 For community football clubs who train and play at several pitches and at varying times, it can often be difficult to develop and maintain a real club spirit and ethos.

If the u-8s coaches rarely engage with their u-11 colleagues and the various age groups use a variety of communications platforms and the Facebook page and website is only updated by a handful of people and there is no club newsletter and so on…yes, then it is almost impossible to develop a real feeling of ‘one club’.

But, we also appreciate that as a volunteer, you have limited time and resource to dedicate to all this communication stuff, however important it may be. The webinar and guide cover how to analyse the current content and channels of your internal communication, which channels to use for what purpose, what content to put on the various platforms and how to streamline the way you manage your internal comms..

A connected club Raising the profile of your club
How to grow your profile across the community

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 In a world where competition for people’s attention is intensifying by the minute, community sports clubs have to work harder and smarter to become visible and stay visible. The days of putting up a couple of posters in libraries and leisure centres and thinking ‘job’s done’ are long gone.

Successful clubs do engage and communicate with users, members and other stakeholders using a number of tools, often involving members and their networks, thus reaching much wider audiences at almost no cost. They embrace the changes and work with them and not against them.

This webinar and guide cover how to use social and mobile media to communicate with members, sponsors and supporters. Participants will be introduced to SMN’s unique tool 5COM: Linking up COMmunity, COMmunication, welCOMing, COMfortable, and COMputers which enables them to connect all their promotional activities. They will learn how to develop Partnership Promotions with external non-sport partners from the Police to Housing Associations.

Clubs who attend this webinar will understand how a higher profile will help them to attract more members, volunteers, supporters and sponsors – and also how they can attract more support for their various events and projects by telling the world about the good work they do. .

Your club as a community hub
How your club can grow by becoming a partner with your community


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 Great sports clubs work for and with their communities, and as a consequence, both parties benefit. They are in reality Hubs for their Communities. They link up their assets, skills and relationships with people, groups and institutions in their communities. They create Shared Value – a new kind of partnership, in which both the club and the community contribute directly to the strengthening and development of each other.

This webinar and guide will help you to become well connected to your community and find a common purpose between your partners and yourself. You will be given advice on the best ways to work together, benefitting both parties and on how to make it easier to understand each other and benefit from doing so. It will also cover how you can best assess your potential for working with community partners – what are your assets, relationships and skills?

Participants will be introduced to the 12 Steps for Creating Shared Value, which they then can implement straight away.


Running an Open Day and Community Launch
How to run events which will open up your club and bring the community closer

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Open Days and Community Launches can be great ways of bringing new people to your club and engaging with the community around you.

An Open Day can be a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with your community, attract new people to your club and provide existing members with another, great experience.

A well-run Community Launch is a great way to showcase your club to partners, funders, stakeholders and others with a wider interest in your club and its work in the community

Both types of events need both planning and creativity if they are to be successful. Unfortunately, we have experienced clubs where little thought went into their Open Days and they end up being boring and not particularly useful.

This webinar and guide will provide you with real-life advice and ideas on how to run vibrant and visible Open Days and Community Launches which will raise the profile of your club and get more people and partners to appreciate the work you are doing.


Generating New Ideas. Solving Problems


SMN’s renowned Grow Your Club workshops have been attended by representatives from more than 4000 community sports club across England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark and Scotland.

Packed with inspiring case-stories and easy-to-use templates and tools readers will have access to best practice from across community sport on how to develop more vibrant, visible and viable clubs, attract more people to your clubs, generate more income and welcome more volunteers.

All this information is brought to you in a way which we are sure will help spur you into action

All this information is brought to you in a way which we are sure will help spur you into action

Each module includes a 30-minute webinar (online training seminar) and a 12-page guide which we will email to you. Even if you cannot attend the webinar we will send the video to you so you can view in your own time – supported by the guide.

You are also invited to submit email questions to Svend Elkjaer, the presenter. (Even if you do not regard yourself as a computer whizkid, it is really simple to join and participate in these webinars). 





What people say


“I would recommend Svend Elkjaer of SMN to sports organisations looking to grow

their community clubs and their membership. He delivers relevant and professional

support and advice to help sport and clubs to grow and develop.“


David Marshall,

Head of Development, , British Gymnastics


“Svend has a unique blend of understanding what makes businesses successful and

how community sports operates and manages to get the message of the need for

change across in an interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking way. Feedback

regarding his sessions has been excellent. 


Adrian Leather,

Executive Director,, Lancashire Sport

“the feedback from the centre managers has been very positive and they said that you were a breath of fresh air and an excellent motivator”

Powys Council

“I would strongly recommend Svend Elkjaer of SMN to any sports club which wants to

develop into a welcoming, sustainable community sports enterprise.”


Jonathan James

Chair, , Doncaster Belles Ladies FC

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