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Helping providers of community sport and physical activity to become more vibrant, visible and viable

The Sports Marketing Network is a growing international community of like-minded people. People who want to develop and deliver more vibrant, visible and viable sport and physical activity initiatives, right there in, and for, their communities. People who want to learn from best practice, from ideas and thoughts from across the sector and beyond and who are looking for a one-stop source That is what the Sports Marketing Network has been providing since 2004 and we are now taking it some steps further. So wherever you are in the world you can now have access to unique and proven inspiration and advice – right here and through our Grow Sport workshops, Grow Sport conferences, Grow SportGuides, Grow Sport magazine and the Grow Sport + part of this website…and there’s more to come

We know there are great things happening in community sport and physical activity across the world, so here is a place where you can get inspiration from really great community sports enterprises and learn from all those great places and projects. We will also help you with checklists and action points. We call it thoughts, tools and to-dos.

The SMN Principles

Working with professionals and volunteers involved with community sport and physical activity SMN provide:

Thoughts: Through story-telling and inquisitive questions we challenge the status quo and help you to think outside the box.

Tools: We then provide you with a wide range of tools on how you can achieve best practice – all based on real success stories, from real community sports enterprises.

To-dos: Having decided which tools to use, we can then give you simple templates and action points – to use there and thenAll SMN’s information is delivered in an entertaining, engaging and simple way designed to ensure that people are inspired and enabled.